Meridian Magazine: Ten Persuasive Answers to the Question, “Why Not Gay Marriage?”

Meridian Magazine: Ten Persuasive Answers to the Question, “Why Not Gay Marriage?”

In order to appreciate why it is so necessary that you learn how to handle this critical issue, consider this comment from a leader of one of the most powerful same-sex marriage lobbies:

We’re not going to win at the ballot box until we start winning at the water cooler and in the church pews.

The battle on this issue is at the water cooler and in the church pews. Here are THE 10 questions relevant to this debate. Master the responses to these questions and you will be well-suited to defend the family.


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  1. Homosexual agenda? What the heck is that suppose to be. Equality? The family is doing very poorly on its own without Gays being allowed to marry. What about the divorce rate? That is a heterosexual statistic. What about all the adultery and affairs? Another heterosexual statistic. If things are going so swimmingly with the heteros concerning the family I’d certainly like to know what those things are.

  2. First, there will NEVER be a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. Never. Isn’t it curious that the only time politicians care about gay marriage is just before an election? And once those gay marriage-bashing politicians are elected on an anti-gay marriage platform, they conveniently forget about it and do nothing. One would think the evangelicals would recognize this cycle–repeated every two and four years–for what it is: election-year politics and nothing more. The ultra-conservative politicians know as well as anyone familiar with the U.S. Constitution there will never be a federal amendment. Again: NEVER.

    To best “protect” families, do your job and be a better parent. A better parent raises children smart enough to know they won’t catch homosexuality like measles; a better parent’s children recognize the strength and correctness of their own values, regardless of perceived threats from outside. A better parent believes in the strength of marriage, rather than undermine it as being so fragile that one lesbian catching a bouquet in New Mexico (or wherever) poses a threat.

    Personally, I believe that everyone–whatever your color or orientation–are entitled to equal rights. There are no “buts” or “except…” in the Constitution with regard to equality and the “pursuit of happiness.” But I don’t believe it should be called “marriage”… Call it a civil union, call it whatever; just don’t call it marriage.

    After so many ignored election-year promises, it’s silly for conservatives to press ahead with an agenda that is obviously nothing more than politicians hollow manipulations. Want to “protect” your marriage? Start by setting a better example for your kids by instilling them with a confidence in your marriage, with your values–whether anyone else agrees with them or not–as the foundation.

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