Family History: Vaulted microfilm to be digitized and posted online

Family History: Vaulted microfilm to be digitized and posted online:

In the Granite Mountain Vault deep in Utah’s Wasatch Range, technicians are offering reels of microfilm to cyberspace, which will bring worldwide genealogical resources directly to home computers. Brent Thompson, supervisor of the project, expressed triumph in “Church News,” circulated worldwide by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Thompson says, “I couldn’t imagine it possible in my lifetime nor in my children’s lifetime.”

New technology developed by a top team of computer scientists working in the vault has increased the speed of digitizing the 2.5 million rolls of microfilm beyond the expectations of experts in charge.

What does this gigantic imaging project mean to you? “It unlocks the vault!” says Heath Neilsen, lead software engineer. Microfilms in the vault will be online, and original records can be accessed with home computers, as well as at local libraries and Family History Centers. Ordering microfilm to be sent from the Salt Lake Vault to local Family History Centers will be unnecessary eventually. These centers have been invaluable for genealogists everywhere and film ordering will continue in the 5,000 centers as the digitizing project proceeds. No dates have been announced for images to be online.


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