McCain-Romney Michigan Showdown

McCain-Romney Michigan Showdown, Weekly Standard: Nomination Rides On Heated Primary Race – CBS News:

This view has a lot to do with the two frontrunners, Senator John McCain of Arizona and Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts. McCain, who has a rocky relationship with the Republican base dating back to 2000, has been vigorously mending fences with social conservatives. He’s also rounding up old Bushies, such as 2004 national political director Terry Nelson and media adviser Mark McKinnon, for his campaign. So far it’s working. McCain has emerged as the clear favorite among Bush’s top fundraisers – the “Pioneers” and “Rangers” – who are lining up to “max out” their political action committee donations for him.

Romney, the Mormon from Massachusetts, has an equally interesting story. He’s armed with movie star good looks and loads of charisma. He has a critically acclaimed health-care plan. And his appearances in early primary states are already drawing rave reviews. The great question mark on primary day? Romney’s religion is slightly less popular among Christian conservatives than Brokeback Mountain. Luckily for him, he’s drawn John McCain as his opponent. Those same Christian conservatives who make up the Republican base may dislike McCain even more than Mormonism.


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