Two women missionaries attacked in South Africa

Salt Lake Tribune – :Two women missionaries attacked in South Africa:

Two women serving Mormon missions in South Africa were attacked by four men and one of the women was shot and wounded, a church spokeswoman said. The women, who were serving in the South Africa Durban Mission, were assaulted Friday evening at Port Shepstone, said Kim Farah, a spokeswoman for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. South African media have reported the women were raped.

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  1. more US citizens attacked in South Africa — also

    July 26, 2006 Pretoria – They came to South Africa to help the poor. Instead, the three Americans became another crime statistic.

    One of them returned to his home in Virginia in the US yester- day to receive medical treatment for a wound to his head where a robber had hit him with a pistol.

    Jerry Richardson, of the Tabernacle of Prayer for All People Church, deacon Lester Benns and pastor Dr Steven Terry, of the Deliverance Tabernacle Church, made a deliberate effort to keep on believing that not all South Africans were bad after their harrowing experience on Wednesday night shortly after they arrived from the US.

    Bringing clothes and Bibles for the poor, they came to check on the self-help projects started six years ago by Terry’s Africa Awareness Campaign. But after being mugged last Wednesday they were left with only the clothes on their bodies.

    “They lost everything. The robbers took the trailer with their suitcases. They only have the clothes they arrived in. No toiletries, no passports, no money.

    “Incidents like this are not acceptable. They came to help and then thugs repay them like this,” said Pastor Bob Khumalo, of the Kerusso Bible Mission in Section F4 (New Eersterus) just outside Soshanguve, who hosted the Americans.

    He spent most of Thursday outside the American Consulate in Johannesburg, where his guests were trying to sort out their lives.

    Khumalo picked up the three visitors up from Johannesburg International Airport at 8.30pm on Wednesday in his brother-in-law’s Mercedes-Benz and a trailer.

    “As we turned off the Hammans-kraal Road towards Section F4, a car suddenly overtook us and stopped right in front of us.

    “The next moment there were armed men on both sides of the car,” Khumalo said.

    The Americans first thought it was police by the way the vehicle had cut them off. “But within 30 seconds we realised these were not the good guys,” Terry said.

    There were more men in the other vehicle, but because it had stopped so close to the Mercedes, they could not open their doors. Benns said one robber searched him. The next moment a truck drove past and Benns thought help had arrived. However, the robber fired a shot at the truck, right next to Benns’s head.

    Richardson heard the shot, fearing Benns had been murdered. He raised his hands and prayed. He also thought of his wife, to whom he had been married less than two months.

    The robber searching him hit him on the head. Khumalo was beaten up. The robbers made off with the Mercedes and trailer, and the men started walking.

    “We were scared. After we tried to stop Jerry’s head from bleeding, we walked with raised hands so that people could see we didn’t have anything to steal or threaten them with. We felt extremely vulnerable,” Terry said. Khumalo phoned the church from a house.

    Terry said they had mixed feelings, but realised this could have happened to them anywhere.

    The congregation collected money for the Americans to buy clothes and toiletries. Shops also gave them discounts. After receiving temporary passports from the consulate, Benns and Terry left to join other missionaries in Malawi.

  2. These are such sad stories! I served in the Johannesburg mission, and I got mugged once. Gratefully, they didn’t attack us – just took our wallets. From what I understand, most missionaries serving in South Africa get mugged at least once on their mission, but only a few are hurt.

    Overall, though, the people of South Africa are wonderful and I have no doubt that the Lord is looking after His missionaries.


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