Evangelicals for Mitt: Why We Support Mitt

Evangelicals for Mitt: Why We Support Mitt:

But…He’s a Mormon.

Yes, Gov. Romney is a Mormon. We are not. According to the liberal media, this is an unbridgeable gap, and evangelicals will never turn out to support a faithful Mormon like Mitt Romney. As usual, the media have it wrong. And they root their error (as usual) in a fundamental misunderstanding about American evangelicals-seeing us as ignorant and intolerant simpletons who are incapable of making sophisticated political value judgments.

To be perfectly clear, we believe Gov. Romney is not only acceptable to conservative Christians, but that he is clearly the best choice for people of faith. He is right on all the issues, and he has proven his positions with actions. He is a gifted and persuasive spokesman for our political and moral values. Here is the bottom line: the 2008 election is for president, not pastor. We would never advocate that the Governor become our pastor or lead our churches-we disagree with him profoundly on theological issues. But we reject the notion that the president of the United States has to be in perfect harmony with our religious doctrine. In fact, that is not a test that has been applied before-after all, Jimmy Carter was probably more theologically in line with evangelicals than Ronald Reagan, yet we believe that Reagan was clearly the better choice in 1980.

Let’s leave the absurd religious litmus test to the Democrats. What we want is a president who shares our moral and political values and will put them into action. A President Romney would do that-just as he’s done in Massachusetts-making him stand head and shoulders above the rest of the field.

Finally, it is not just our theory that evangelicals will support Governor Romney. In March, 2006, he shocked the political establishment by finishing second at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference straw poll in Memphis, Tennessee. We led the grassroots effort that put him above John McCain and George Allen, and where did he get the vast majority of his support? From the very Southern evangelicals who the media is convinced will not support a Mormon from Massachusetts.

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  1. As a one who has been active in pro-life,pro-family organizations in MASSACHUSETTS for many many years, and one who never did or would vote against my Godly principles, Romney would be at the bottom of the lists of candidates that I would consider supporting. I challenged him one on one when he ran against Kennedy for the Senate, and he was firmly in the pro-abortion camp. He has only flipped to our side when he decided he was going to try and get the GOP nomination, realizing that only a pro-lifer would become the nominee. Get with it you folks. Pick Hunter, Tancredo, Brownback, Huckabee, or Thompson and it would satisfy the pro-life,pro-family voter.

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