Let The People Vote On Same-Sex Marriage

It is a revealing fact that what frightens Gay & Lesbian activist the most is letting the people vote on same-sex marriages. They know that poll after poll shows that on average 75% of American’s do not want same-sex marriages. That is why the Gay & Lesbian activist have used the courts (instead of the people) to get the progressive social policy they desire.

Let the people vote!

Initiative Would Overturn Same-Sex Marriage in Massachusetts – Los Angeles Times:

BOSTON – On the heels of legal setbacks for same-sex marriage in two states, a proposed constitutional amendment that could derail the practice is under consideration in the only state where such unions are legal.

In a special joint session Wednesday, Massachusetts lawmakers will take up a citizens’ initiative aimed at limiting marriage to unions between one man and one woman. The proposal has supporters of same-sex marriage worried – particularly after court rulings last week against gay and lesbian marriage in New York and Georgia.

“It’s a real threat – very real, frighteningly real,” said Arline Isaacson, co-director of the Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus in Boston.

The measure has won strong endorsements from Gov. Mitt Romney, a Republican who is exploring a 2008 presidential bid, as well as Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley and the state’s three other Roman Catholic bishops…

“Politically, it is very difficult to fight this very simple idea of ‘Let the people vote,’ which is the slogan the other side is marketing,” Cunningham said.

In Colorado Springs, Colo., Focus on the Family spokeswoman Carrie Gordon Earll said, “People resent the fact that they are experiencing court-ordered social policy.” She said the amendment process in Massachusetts would be closely watched.

Twenty states have passed constitutional amendments to classify marriage as a union between a man and a woman, she noted.

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  1. Exactly – these people, knowing that the true democratic process of letting people vote on the issue would suppress their sought-after rights, instead try to circumvent the process and fight their battles in the courts. That’s just wrong.

  2. Some things just shouldn’t be voted on. If Kansas had been allowed to vote on school desegregation there’s no way it would have passed. Instead, it was up to the courts to ensure that civil rights were upheld via Brown vs. Board of Education. The same would be true for interracial marriage – which was illegal in many states up until 1967. It is the courts role to protect the civil rights of the minority.

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