Who is at fault?

Must read!

Krauthammer has it precisely correct.

Who is at fault? By Charles Krauthammer

…But you don’t have to be a historian to understand the intention of Israel’s enemies. You only have to read today’s newspapers…

…occupation was a mere excuse to persuade gullible and historically ignorant Westerners to support the Arab cause against Israel. The issue is, and has always been, Israel’s existence. That is what is at stake…

…In the end, the fighting is about “the core 1948 issues [Israel becomes a nation], rather than the secondary ones from 1967.”

In 1967, Israel acquired the “occupied territories.” In 1948, Israel acquired life [as a nation]. The fighting raging now in 2006 — between Israel and the “genocidal Islamism” (to quote the writer Yossi Klein Halevi) of Hamas and Hezbollah and Iran behind them — is about whether that life should and will continue to exist.

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  1. Genocidal Islam? Um, Islam preaches against genocide vehemently. Mohammed instituted strict rules of engagement that did not allow for the killing of women and Children. in fact there is no proof at all that this occured intentionally under the rule of the Muslim people under Mohammed.

    However, the same can not be said about Israel. You only have to read the Bible to know that Israel practiced Genocide frequently for example against the Caannanites and the Amaleckites.

    Now naturally, I understand the origin of your statement is in the unfortunat statements by Iran’s current leaders as well as other controversial statments by other arab leaders but please don’t equat their statments to Islam. By this same logic i could argue that Christianity is “genocidal” after all Germany was a Christian nation.

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