A Pro-Life Perspective on a Mitt Romney Candidacy

Americans for Mitt: Mitt Romney for President 2008: A Pro-Life Perspective on a Mitt Romney Candidacy

Of all of the issues facing America, perhaps none is as debated and divisive as abortion. It has been a source of constant controversy since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that mandated abortion-on-demand throughout the United States. And every four years, presidential candidates are required to disclose where they stand on this pivotal moral and political issue.

Governor Mitt Romney’s stance on abortion has already been intensely examined by analysts and pundits. How did a once mildly pro-choice Senate candidate make the transformation into a “firmly pro-life” governor? And how can the pro-life community be sure that Governor Romney is sincere in his desire to protect the unborn? Is it simply political pandering or has he experienced a true pro-life epiphany?


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