Controversial Cartoon Depicts LDS as Monkeys

Rocky Mountain News on July 7 published the comic strip Speed Bump, in which Mormons are depicted as monkeys.

For me, it’s no big deal; in fact, I laughed thinking it an odd characterization if not absurd.

Fortunately, you will not see marauding Mormons rioting, murdering and burning up cars like Muslims did when the Danish cartoons were published.


Some readers were offended.

Talk back to the media, July 15
Rocky Mountain News – Denver,CO,USA
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints (the Mormons) perform countless acts of public service and charity each day. They

Why Offend Mormons?
Washington Post – United States
We were dismayed to see the July 7 “Speed Bump” cartoon in which members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints were depicted as monkeys and as

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  1. I don’t get the joke of the cartoon.

  2. The male monkey is explaining to Noah that becasue he is a Mormon he can’t bring just one wife aboard the ark, he needs to bring all his wives.

  3. This is dispictable. If such a depiction was directed toward any other creed – Black, Female, Islamic, Hispanic, Homosexual, et al, et cetera – the Democrats, the ACLU, the United Nations, Jesse Jackson, MADD and my ex-wife would be in an uproar!

    Geez! Has the campaign for the Presidency in 2008 begun? Both Liberals and a few uncompromising conservative “so-called” Christains are trying to discredit Gov. Romney many months before the election season starts.

    This is just another cartoon, read, “article”, to minimize a good man who MAY run for President. Please, the idea of “tolerance” applies to more than just anglo-saxon white men.

  4. I’m with you, ldspatriot–I think it’s mildly amusing (after all, the message isn’t that Mormons are monkeys–it’s that this particular monkey is a Mormon). The repeated polygamy connection gets tiresome, but aside from that I don’t see what’s offensive about it.

  5. Eve, to be honest, I wished it were a gorilla instead of a monkey. Gorillas are the largest of the anthropoid apes, built stocky, one tough, impressive beast!

    Sure, it is aimed to remind the world and would-be-voters the Mormon’s practiced polygamy…to embarrass and shame LDS for wanting more than their share…and…Mitt Romney is a Mormon…so remember that when you vote…

    As an LDS, I’m not the least bit offended by this cartoon, though I understand the intent. I’ve a thick skin. But the constant tripe “LDS is a cult” from the Evangelicals is of greater concern to me than this silly cartoon.

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