Romney will have some persuading to do

Winston-Salem Journal | Romney will have some persuading to do:

… Mormons and traditional Christians do have their differences. Both take the Bible as Scripture, but Mormons have additional sacred texts, including “The Book of Mormon,” which they believe was divinely revealed to their prophet, Joseph Smith, in 1830.

Mormons believe that theirs is “the one true church,” something that riles more traditional Christians. Mormons also believe that God had a physical body and literally fathered all human souls and have their own view of the Trinity. Both groups believe that salvation comes through Christ, but Mormons do not believe in original sin. Mainline Protestants and Catholics do not recognize Mormon baptism.

“Do Mormons have differences with evangelicals? Sure we do,” said Scott Gordon, the president of the Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research, an organization that defends Mormon theology. “Otherwise there would not be a Mormon church.”

But those differences need not be insurmountable with voters, Gordon said.

“He’s got to say his faith will have an impact, but his denominational beliefs will not. If he can do that, he can win over evangelicals because they would have a person of faith in the White House who would not be following what they would see as the whims of the Mormon church.” …


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