Arab world fed up with Hizbullah, Arab anti-Hizbullah coalition forming

Saudis Condemn Hamas and Hizbullah

Jeddah, July 13, SPA-An official source said that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has believed and still believes in the right of people under occupation to fight this occupation in all its forms and to reject its illegal measures aiming at erasing identity and changing realties on the ground.

On this basis, the Kingdom has always been standing with all its capabilities with the legitimate Palestinian resistance which aims at resisting military occupation and avoiding harming the innocent. On the same basis, the Kingdom stood firmly with the resistance in Lebanon until Israeli occupation of Lebanon ended.

Viewing with deep concern the bloody, painful events currently taking place in Palestine and Lebanon, the Kingdom would like to clearly announce that a difference should be drawn between legitimate resistance and rash adventures carried out by elements inside the state and those behind them without consultation with the legitimate authority in their state and without consultation or coordination with Arab countries, thus creating a gravely dangerous situation exposing all Arab countries and its achievements to destruction with those countries having no say.

The Kingdom views that it is time that these elements alone bear the full responsibility of these irresponsible acts and should alone shoulder the burden of ending the crisis they have created.

Arab world fed up with Hizbullah | Jerusalem Post:

With the exception of the Palestinians, the Arab world appears to be united in blaming Iran and Syria for the fighting in Lebanon. Until last week, Arab political analysts and government officials were reluctant to criticize Hizbullah in public. But now that Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah and his top aides are in hiding, an anti-Hizbullah coalition is emerging not only in Lebanon, but in several other Arab countries as well. …[Click for more]

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