Israel’s goals in the present conflict

Israel’s goals in the present conflict |

… In order for Israel to achieve its goal of deterrence capacity in Lebanon and Gaza, it must achieve two immediate objectives.

First, Israel must continue both military campaigns to the point that neither Hizbullah nor the Palestinians in Gaza are able to launch rockets and missiles at Israel. This requires that the international community give Israel time in Lebanon, so that it can severely damage Hizbullah’s ability to launch rockets and missiles against Israel and cripple the organization’s ability to rule southern Lebanon.

Similarly, Israel must continue its ongoing operations in Gaza until the Palestinian militants’ ability to operate is so severely disrupted, and their personnel so denuded through Israeli arrests and assassinations, that they agree to cease launching attacks against Israel.

Second, the present crisis on both fronts cannot be brought to a close without Syria and Iran paying some price for their continued arming, funding, and training of Hizbullah and Palestinian terror groups. …[Click for more]

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