Protesters gather at Mormon pageant

Some people love to hate.

Protesters gather at Mormon pageant:

Pageant spokesperson Kevin Clawson said the protests are nothing new to LDS events and that they don’t bother him.

“People come to pageant to see the pageant,” Clawson said. “Just because someone is shouting that we are going to hell doesn’t change our point of view.”

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  1. There were protester types when I was on my mission in the mid-70s. Sigh, guess they never quit, though the pagent went on and ignored them pretty well.

  2. I dont think its right for other people to not be tolerant of the mormon religion. We’re tolerant of theirs even though we might not participate in what they do, or believe it. I saw them myself on the way to the temple yesterday and I could not believe it!
    They need to stop and think about what they are oing and ask themselves,” Is there a reason for what I am doing”

  3. Who finances these protesters? The protesters outside each conference and the ones who were here during the olympics were mostly not locals. Someone must finance them.

  4. These are rather a hilarously pathetic bunch. Entertaining to watch and talk to. A couple of years ago one of them took out his bull horn and loudly announed that he had just flown in from SLC. One of the Boy Scouts I was with spent the next three hours annoying him with really obnoxious questions. The amazing thing was the guy kept answering the questions. The guy flew several hours and spent them arguing with a 15 year-old who was only pulling his chain on purpose. Not particularly bright. At a certain point finding himself surrounded by Scouts he said: (motioning with his hands) “you guys have to go now. If they see I have a lot of people around they’ll send me off the site.” I have no idea who the “they” would be but it only encouraged the boys to call their friends over. It’s kind of fun to yank their chains.

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