Senator Schumer’s Bigotry

AIM | Faith Is A Right, Not A Theocracy, Senator Schumer

… Last week Senator Charles E. Schumer (D-NY), on the Senate Floor, and had this to say about people of faith: “There is a group of people of deep faith. I respect that faith. I’ve been in enough inner city black churches, working class Catholic parishes, rural Methodist houses of worship and small Jewish synagogues to understand that faith is a gift. The trouble with this group, which I call the theocrats, is they want their faith to dictate what the government does. That, in a word, is un-American. That is exactly what the Founding Fathers put down their plows and took up muskets to fight.”

This statement is breathtaking in its bigotry. It is part of a campaign to portray the Religious Right as a group of fanatics who want to do away with the Constitution. In one way Senator Schumer has done Evangelical Christians a great favor. He has linked them with Catholics and Orthodox Jews. If the culture wars are to be won it will take unity among all strong believers to make it happen.

To call a group of people of strong faith theocrats because they want to exercise their rights as citizens and participate in government is astounding but not surprising. Senator Schumer would like to silence his critics. …[Read more]

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