Thug-In-Chief Ahmadinejad Speaks

Notice the blatant pious hypocrisy of Ahmadinejad.

He makes no mention of the 1,200+ Katyusha rockets fired into Israel, nor acknowledges the deaths of Israelis, nor the fact that Hezbollah started this war, nor that he has personally called for Israel’s imminent destruction, or that Iran wanted this war in the first place, or that Iran trains Hezbollah, or that Iran gives Hezbollah between $50 – $100 million dollars annually, or that Iran is the arms supplier of Hezbollah, or that Iran epitomizes militant Islam, or that Iran is a jihadist country that has made war with moderate Muslim’s and the West… or that …

Ahmadinejad, King of Hypocrisy and Supreme Liar.

MEMRI: Latest News

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: “In my opinion, Lebanon is the scene of an historic test, which will determine the future of humanity. Everyone must be put to the test. Everyone. It is inconceivable for anyone who calls himself a Muslim and who heads an Islamic state to maintain relations under the table with the regime that occupied Jerusalem. He cannot take pleasure in the [Israeli] killing of Muslims yet present himself as a Muslim. This is inconceivable, and must be exposed. Allah willing, it will. You will see. …

…”England was the founder of this sinister regime. It is an accomplice to all its crimes. America, which supports it now, is an accomplice to all its crimes. They are the ones who started this fire. They are the ones who support [Israel], and encourage it to strike at the people in such a manner. They say: ‘They took two of our soldiers.’ Fine, but you took 5,000 of theirs. Sit together and have a prisoner exchange. But you are destroying the life of an entire people, and harming innocent people – all for two soldiers? Do you value human life at all? …[Read more]

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  1. This should come as no surprise. The savages have used the doctrine of hiding in Mosques, and among the civilian population for decades now.

    Only thing new is, that they are more vocal in lying about it.

    Bush, should be pushing for war crimes trials against these idiots, but won’t. If he won’t enforce our laws against illegals or the NY Times, no reason to expect that he would push to enforce international law against terrorists.


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