When Shi’ites Invited Israel Into Lebanon: P.L.O. Mass Murders, Torture & Rape

Debbie Schlussel

How soon we forget the hypocrisy of the Lebanese Shi’ite Muslims, who in 1982, invited Israel into Lebanon to rescue them.

Rescue them from the P.L.O. with whom their Hezbollah is now allied. And then founded a terrorist group, Hezbollah, to attack their rescuers.

Rapes, torture, murders. In 1982, that’s what Shi’ite Muslims in Lebanon suffered daily and en masse at the hands of the Palestinians who controlled the country from West Beirut to Lebanon’s southern border. Their rescuers were the “evil Zionists” whose elimination they and their Hezbollah now seek.

Hezbollah was founded by Shi’ite Muslims ostensibly to get Israel “out of Lebanon.” But in 1982, the Shia–desperate for rescue from their Palestinian captors–begged Israel to help them. When Israel did invade (to stop the P.L.O. and its attacks from Lebanon onto Israel), the now-reviled Israeli Defense Forces were welcomed by Shi’ites with open arms.

Yesterday–mass rapes, torture, and murder of thousands of Shi’ites at the hands of P.L.O. soldiers who took over their country. Today, they are partners. But in the ’80s, it was a different story. …[Read more]

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