Mormon temple serene, inspiring for first visitors

Thousands of people journeyed to a serene hillside south of Highway 50 on Saturday to visit a new Mormon temple that opened to the public this weekend.

The white granite building, called the Sacramento California Temple, is the seventh to be built in the state. Until now, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who lived in Northern California had to travel to Oakland when they wanted to attend temple. …[Read more]

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  1. We finally have a temple here and it is beautiful! Open house is through the month of August until the 26th. Go to to get free tickets to tour the temple before it is dedicated on September 3. It is open to the public for these tours.
    Great article…well written.

  2. Would love it if you could send digital pictures of the Temple’s open house.

  3. August 26th ended the Sacramento Temple’s Open House Tour.
    And what a wonderful sight it was. I personaly feel the Temple is somewhat small inside and there will be problems for those who wish to go through a Temple session during the weekday and more problems during the weekends. But im confident all will go well.Those who witnessed the inside of the Temple were very respectful and positive about the tour. Every person i was able to talk too, Member and Non-Member were all very nice. I was able to see my old Bishop and his wife during my own personal Tour and that was great seeing them there.Now in September we can attend sessions pertaining to ourselves and our Ancestors .And those who took time to take the Tour might have a better understanding that we worship God his Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost.

  4. Thanks for your comments, guys.

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