Summary of Editorials from the Hebrew Press 31-Jul-2006

Haaretz comments: “The unfortunate bombing in Qana that caused the tragic deaths of more than 50 people, nearly half of them children, is not just “another bombing” in which innocent civilians were found in proximity to terrorists. Like the tragic bombardment of the same village during Operation Grapes of Wrath a decade ago, and like the killing of the eight Israel Railways workers two weeks ago in Haifa – this is an event that immediately encapsulates the explosive effect and the arbitrary brutality of the fighting in the North. Hopefully, this event will not stop the process of forging a diplomatic arrangement for ending the war. The visit of U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to the region, and the tight timetable that will likely involve a UN Security Council resolution on Wednesday, suggest that the military operation is nearing its end. In the meantime the Israel Defense Forces is fighting to improve the conditions under which its campaign will be concluded, and every achievement against Hezbollah in the battlefield will contribute to the shaping of the diplomatic settlement.”

The Jerusalem Post The Jerusalem Post writes: ” ‘It’s absolutely dreadful, it’s quite appalling,’ said UK Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett, among the many international reactions of shock following the deaths of some 50 Lebanese citizens in a building that Israel believed harbored Hizbullah terrorists launching missiles at Israeli cities. Yes, it is appalling. It is appalling that Hizbullah would deliberately target Israel’s cities, and do so from civilian areas, hoping that Israel would kill greater numbers of Lebanese civilians. It is appalling that this barbaric tactic – after some 5,000 Israeli bombing sorties – has proved “effective,” with tragic consequences for innocent Lebanese people, and producing the expected international fallout: not against Hizbullah, but against Israel. It is also appalling that for three weeks over a million Israelis – Jews and Arabs – have been living in bomb shelters, never knowing when a missile aimed at them will kill them or destroy their homes… Are we, the nations of the world that are threatened by an Iranian victory, automatons who are helpless to act in our own overwhelming interests? Are we powerless to overturn the bizarre moral calculus by which Israel is held accountable for the barbaric tactics of its enemies? We are not. We – the US, UK, and Israel, for starters – must stand together for the truth and our own interests. We must not submit to the epitome of stupidity and immorality, masquerading as moral blackmail. If we do, we have no one to blame but ourselves.”

Hatzofeh says that, “Yesterday’s event in Qana was regrettable,” and suggests that, “The Arab world has not learned a thing and its willingness to sacrifice innocent civilians by bringing them to centers of fighting knows no boundaries.” The editors aver that, “We must apologize and continue striking at Hizbullah.”

Yediot Aharonot believes that, “Accepting responsibility for the tragic bombing of Qana does not cancel the justification for the overall war,” and adds, “This is a just and justified war and the bombings are also just and justified.” The editors assert that, “Today, Israel bows its head over the fresh graves of the civilians who were killed in the Qana bombing,” but also declare that, “Israel will not stop the fighting until the reason for its outbreak is uprooted. And this will happen only when Hizbullah is disarmed of its missiles and western and Lebanese military forces deploy in southern Lebanon, according to UN Security Council Resolution #1559.”

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