Hezbollah’s War

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“Here is the president of terror,” proclaims a Hizballah propaganda film montage on Al-Manar television, showing the face of President Bush alongside an American flag. As faces of dead and wounded children appear on the screen, crude pictures of bombs rain down on the pictures, all of them labeled “MADE IN AMERICA.”

President George Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert have now gained “most wanted” criminal status on Hizballah’s television station, as the terrorist organization escalates its anti-American and anti-Semitic propaganda. While Bush, Olmert, Israel, America, Jews, and most Westerners have always been frowned on by Hizballah, the messages of hate have deepened noticeably in the last week as Hizballah has come under greater military pressure.

Hizballah’s main propaganda arm, al-Manar television, has begun featuring video clips of Olmert saying, “[W]e believe in our struggle because no struggle is more moral.” Out of nowhere, a Nazi swastika armband appears on Olmert’s right arm and, through the miracle of television, Olmert, whose words are translated from Hebrew into Arabic, suddenly grows a Hitler-like mustache. …[Read more]

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