IDF asks for 4 weeks minimum to finish off Hezbollah

Israel’s Channel 10 reported that the IDF asked Israeli government for at least 4 weeks to finish off Hezbollah.

Also, Israeli Justice Minister Haim Ramon estimated that there were about 2,000 Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon. Ramon also said 300 Hezbollah guerrillas have been killed thus far in the Israel-Lebanon war.

See 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict

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  1. uh, dude, you are really blinded by neo-conservatives. Front Page, FoxNews, WND, Rush, Krauthammer, Kristol are delusional. And they are not looking out for the best interests of Christianity. Moreover, Rapturists look forward to the violence in the Middle East, selfishly, more excited about the violence bringing the Apocalypse closer, and their own salvation closer, rather than looking forward to the Savior coming to stop us from killing each other so ruthlessly.

    Finally, just in today’s news, Hezbollah fired 190 rockets into Israel the most they have ever launched. This is three weeks after the fighting began.

    Israel will not succeed in its goals, because their strategy is faulty. Peace works far better than war ever will.

    Why can’t Americans see this today? Are they too blinded by rage over 9/11?

  2. Dan, why the ad hominem attacks…”blinded”…”delusional”… why not just address points and facts?

    For example, you fail to state what part of Israel’s strategy is faulty other than your overriding objection of Israel defending itself.

    Answer these questions as a baseline of your reasoning:

    First, does Israel have a right to defend itself?

    Second, how can Israel negotiate “peace” with an enemy that has proven repeatedly it does not want “peace”, rather, the annihilation and complete destruction of the state of Israel?

    Third, do you acknowledge or deny Israel’s right to exist?

  3. Israel has a right to defend itself. Soldiers have been kidnapped before by Hezbollah, and Israel also kidnapped Hezbollah members before, so both sides could work on trades. Hezbollah calculated that this would be the response of Israel now. They did not factor in a new administration in Olmert needing to prove its mettle to Israelis. There are many ways a nation can “defend itself.” The strategy that Israel is following is not a good one for their future.

    What are Israel’s goals? Three weeks ago they were talking about the total destruction of Hezbollah. Yet they went in with simple air-strikes, which 1) did not harm Hezbollah or their capability to harm Israel, and 2) turned the Lebanese and the rest of the Arab world against Israel, even though most in the Arab world agreed with Israel’s first response. The airstrikes turned the tide against Israel.

    Recently, Olmert said that Israel’s goals will be to stop fighting when peacekeepers land in Lebanon. Talk about moving the goal-posts waaaaaay back!

    So just what are Israel’s goals? The messages are so confusing out of both Washington and Tel Aviv that nobody really knows. That spells trouble on the ground.

    See, Hezbollah’s goal is simple: survival. For them to declare victory, all they need to do is survive and they will have won. The rest of the Arab world is already mightily impressed with Hezbollah. No other Arab military has been able to withstand an Israeli assault for such a long time. This is bad for Israel and America.

    Israel entered Lebanon with a small force, concerned about “civilian casualties” when they should have entered in with full force. Unfortunately, history was against them, and altered this thinking. They had previously entered Lebanon with full force, and it brought them nothing but trouble.

    Basically what I am saying is all Israeli military options had too high an opportunity cost for them to execute in this event. Therefore, for Israel’s sake, their best strategy was to follow the example of the Indians who recently had a horrific terrorist attack in Mumbai. They continued their relationship with Pakistan, even though the terrorists most likely had connections to Pakistan. Why would the Indians continue talking with the Pakistani? Since the attack, how many more have died?

    This brings me to the answer to your second question.

    you ask, “how can Israel negotiate “peace” with an enemy that has proven repeatedly it does not want “peace”, rather, the annihilation and complete destruction of the state of Israel?”

    answer: very carefully. Israel has made peace with two nations that previously was looking forward to the total destruction of the state of Israel, so don’t give me the bull that peace is impossible. Egypt and Jordan made peace with Israel. It is possible. Can you see it? I can. But if not enough people can, it will never happen.

    Americans are the key to peace in the Middle East. But regretably, from history, it seems only Democratic presidents are the key. Carter brought about peace between Egypt and Israel (which is one of the most important events in Middle Eastern history!), and Clinton brought about peace between Israel and Jordan. (yes, I am not too fond of Mr. Bush, as you can tell). Americans must be perceived as an equal and fair broker in the Middle East, or peace will never be achieved. It will only come when the Savior shows up. However, peace is not impossible in the Middle East, even between two parties that want the total destruction of the other.

    to your third question, heh, I guess I saw that question coming. Simply criticize the policy and you’re considered just like terrorists who want the total destruction of Israel. How lame.

    I’m looking out for the best interest of Israel. If it wants to be at peace with its neighbors, destroying a democratic Arab country is not the way to go about achieving peace. This is why I say neo-cons are delusional. They have no idea what they are talking about. They think that a “strong horse” in the Middle East equals military strength. They think that Arabs only recognize force. What foolishness! Here you have Israel, the most powerful military in the Middle East. Just how respected is Israel among Arabs? According to neo-cons’s flawed vision of the Middle East, Israel should be the most respected country. So yes, if you listen to neo-cons, you are blinded by their delusions. They are so off base in their analysis of the Middle East, it is tragic.

    So just in case some have a hard time reading between the lines, yes, I believe Israel has a right to exist. I defend that right. It is foolishness for them to destroy their neighbors. I say this in their best interest. And I believe those who advocate Israel fight her neighbors are not acting in Israel’s best interest, but rather selfishly. See, those who are happy to see Israel fighting her neighbors look forward to the violence because it will bring the Savior, to save them. They are not interested in peace in the Middle East. Peace in the Middle East means that the Second Coming won’t happen yet. War in the Middle East means the Second Coming is nigh. They are only concerned about their own salvation.

    On the other hand, I look forward to the coming of the Savior to stop us from killing each other so much. We are so sad, today, as human beings. So hateful. So violent. What the hell is wrong with us? No, I don’t look forward to the violence to speed up the Second Coming. I look forward to the Savior to stop the violence, because apparently we’re too immature to stop ourselves.

  4. Good grief! Carter is a fool, and Clinton’s policies have failed miserably. Oslo is the reason Israel is in this mess. Victory was theirs before Oslo; Oslo killed peace.

    Yeah, right! Carter and Clinton brought peace to the Middle East. Only question is, where did that peace go? Can’t find it anywhere? Where is it hiding?

    How elusive is peace when one party wants you dead.

    Pie in the sky, Dan, pie in the sky.

  5. What do you mean? Are you telling me that Israel and Egypt are at war? Are you telling me that Israel and Jordan are at war? Last I checked they are at peace. Has any Republican president accomplished this? Has any Republican president made an Arab country sign a peace treaty with Israel? Nope. Sorry, but Clinton and Carter (their other many mistakes aside) did a wonderful job at getting both Jordan and Egypt to make peace with Israel. If you cannot recognize and acknowledge this, then you really are nothing but a partisan hack who dismisses real history.

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