Hezbollah is our enemy, too

Hezbollah is our enemy, too

August 1, 2006
Jeff Jacoby

According to a pair of Gallup polls released last week, 83 percent of Americans say Israel is justified in taking military action against Hezbollah, while 76 percent disapprove of Hezbollah’s attacks on Israel.

Yet when asked which side in the conflict the United States should take, 65 percent answer: neither side. Indeed, 3 in 4 Americans say they are concerned that the US military will be drawn into the fighting, or that it will increase the likelihood of terrorism against the United States . . . [Click for more]

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  1. Morning Coffee,

    you know, as you were writing that, I could also picture the Republicans and their drive to get voters out through churches and religion. After all, they’ve got to find ways to keep support up for their war, so why not through religion?

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