Lebanon: Myths and Facts

Lebanon: Myths and Facts
Aish.com’s new 2 minute movie.


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  1. Powerful film.

  2. How many Israeli soldiers have been killed vs how many Israeli civilians have been killed?


    How many Hezbollah soldiers have been killed vs how many Lebanese civilians have been killed?


    30 Israeli civilians and 44 Israeli soldiers

    apx 200 Hezbollah fighters and 500 Lebanese civilians.

    that is fact.

  3. Dan, why make Israel out to be the bad guy? The facts you speak of are meaningless without context.

    In short, Hezbollah’s impotency in killing Israelis isn’t for lack of trying, it’s because the 2,500+ missiles they use are not accurate. Now that’s facts in context, Dan, facts you should be rejoicing in.

  4. By stating facts, was I somehow making Israel be the bad guy? Hardly. Just pointing out the real facts. The point about showing the real facts is that guided missiles don’t do the job they were meant to against a terrorist organization, or a guerrilla army that is trained to avoid them. Israel is not the bad guy, but Israel does disproportionately kill more civilians than bad guys. Meanwhile, Hezbollah’s ineffectual rockets means that more Israeli soldiers die than civilians. In a Public Relations war, Hezbollah wins. Don’t you get it?

  5. Dan, Hezbollah is responsible of the death of the civilians, don’t you get that? They want civilians to be killed so that it can be used in the PR campaign againts Israel. Seems you have bought into their propaganda hook, line and sinker.

  6. you are right. Hezbollah uses civilians in a PR campaign. Why doesn’t Israel recognize that and stop killing civilians? Do they not realize that when they do so, they lose to Hezbollah? That’s my point. By bombing civilian targets, Israel is playing right in Hezbollah’s playbook. I’ve not bought into anyone’s propaganda.

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