“World Trade Center” – Stone’s 9/11 is a Tale of Courage

Newsweek Entertainment – MSNBC.com:

Natural Born Heroes

Many artists have struggled to capture 9/11. Now Oliver Stone directs a true story you’d never expect-and won’t forget.

By David Ansen

August 7, 2006 issue – In Oliver Stone’s “World Trade Center,” on the morning of September 11, 2001, a Port Authority cop named Will Jimeno is doing his everyday job, shooing away prostitutes and panhandlers from the bus terminal, when he hears a loud rumble overhead. The camera pans, not up at the sky, but down the street, to reveal the shadow of a low-flying plane climbing the face of a building. Stone never shows the planes crashing into the Twin Towers. He’s letting us know, right from the start, that we will see history unfold as it happened on the ground, from the perspectives of ordinary men and women. …[Read more]

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  1. great movie! very well done! thanks jim west jr

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