Liveblogging the War: Saturday August 5th – Sunday August 6th

Every Saturday night, I log on to my computer with much apprehension. Having just spent the previous 25 hours observing the Jewish Sabbath, my state of blissful ignorance is about to be overtaken by the feeling of dread as I read the news. And tonight I have read that today was anything but a day of rest for my fellow Israelis in the north. 170 Katushas were fired into Israel, with 130 landing between 4:00PM and 5:00PM. Hizbullah even managed to fire more of their long-range missiles, some landing near Hadera, 75km south of the Lebanese border, making it the southernmost point hit by a missile since the start of fighting. And as usual, these attacks were not without their casualties. A Bedouin woman and her 2 daughters were killed after a Katusha directly hit their home, and an 87-year-old Israeli woman died of a heart attack after taking cover in a bomb shelter. Many more were injured, including an IDF soldier, after a rocket hit an army base. …[Read more]

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