Ambassador Gold on UN Lebanon Resolution

One Jerusalem

Read this analysis of the UN Draft Resolution on Lebanon by Dore Gold.

Ambassador Gold points out that the Resolution calls for the establishment of a multinational force under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter. Chapter 7 is the Chapter that deals with grave threats to international peace and security.

It was under Chapter 7 that Iraq was required to disarm after the Gulf War, and it was Chapter 7 which the US invoked to go to war against Iraq. If a Resolution would pass under Chapter 7 it is quite conceivable that the UN might one day impose sanctions or military strikes against Israel for taking preemptive action against Hezbollah!

“For its entire diplomatic history, Israel has sought to avoid a Chapter 7 resolution dealing with Arab-Israeli disputes” said Ambassador Gold. With the UN’s consistent record of anti-Israel resolutions now is not the time to change that policy.

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