LDS dancers on “So You Think You Can Dance”

My family loves to watch So You Think You Can Dance. Two of the final four finalists are LDS, Benji & Heidi. Benji, a return missionary, and Heidi, are cousins.

Meridian Magazine: Heidi Groskreutz Skips the Light Fandango And America Calls Out for More:

On light fantastic toes she has tripped her way to the final rounds of the Fox Television reality show “So You Think You Can Dance,” and now all that stands between Heidi Groskreutz of Newport Beach, California and Cliffside Park, New Jersey and stardom and a pot full of prizes and cash is one more stunning performance and a couple of million votes.

But fame and fortune are not what Heidi says she was chasing when she auditioned for the show. It’s the learning experience – the challenge – that counts.

“I won’t be satisfied until I am the dancer I know I can be,” she says. True, the prize money could be an answer to a prayer for a way to pay for coaching help she needs, and to cover travel, costumes and entrance fees for important international competitions. …[Read more]

Part 2

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  1. I think you do look like Benji! Yet the better question is, “Can you dance like Benji, Connor?”

  2. Well, I did win the cha-cha competition for FHE in my singles ward a few weeks ago… 🙂

  3. Tomorrow is the two-part finale; my family voted over 20 times for Benji.

  4. i love benjiii!! hes awesome!!!

    visit me

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