President Bush: Islamo-fascism is the enemy

Bush has it exactly correct.

Now, if Bush would take the next and necessary step of renaming the war from the confusing euphemism “War on Terror” to the clear truth of “War on Militant Islam”, then he would make great strides in clarifying who the enemy is, thus performing a great service to all.

See my July 14, 2005 post: Op-Ed: Waking Up to ‘Islamo-Fascism’

President Bush and Secretary of State Rice Discuss the Middle East Crisis

… THE PRESIDENT: It is the great challenge of this century and it’s this: As young democracies flourish, terrorists try to stop their progress. And it’s the great challenge of the United States and others who are blessed with living in free countries. Not only do terrorists try to stop the advance of democracy through killing innocent people within those countries, they also try to shape the will of the western world by killing innocent westerners. They try to spread their jihadist message — a message I call, it’s totalitarian in natureIslamic radicalism, Islamic fascism, they try to spread it as well by taking the attack to those of us who love freedom. …

… And it takes a lot of work. This is the beginning of a long struggle against an ideology that is real and profound. It’s Islamo-fascism. It comes in different forms. They share the same tactics, which is to destroy people and things in order to create chaos in the hopes that their vision of the world become predominant in the Middle East. …[Read more]

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly it would be very beneficial to clarify who is the enemy rather than use the euphemisim “war on terror”.

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