Reuters And The Cloned Blown Smoke

Bloggers (I personally refer to myself as an “online columnist”) have taken a lot of heat over the years from the “real” media. The argument issued is that bloggers have no “filters” or editors to keep us from disseminating incorrect information. …

… I further contend, that if it weren’t for the blogsphere playing watchdog on an arrogant and biased media, Monica Lewinsky may possibly be running for re-election to the Congress with Clinton-thank-you-soft-hush-money, and Dan Rather and Mary Mapes would’ve received Pulitzer Prizes for securing President Kerry’s election with those “forged but accurate” National Guard documents outing George W. Bush.

As the mainstream media is so arrogant that they feel they can pull anything over anyone’s eyes because they are in agreement that the public is so intellectually beneath them, it was only a matter of time before they tried to pull another fast one. …[Read more]

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