The Cease-Fire Stakes OpinionJournal: Of all things, some useful U.S.-French diplomacy

Prior to 9/11, no terrorist organization had killed more Americans than Hezbollah, which was responsible for the 1983 Beirut Marine barracks bombing, among other attacks. The outcome of Israel’s current war with the “Party of God” remains very much in doubt. But the good news is that Israel is being given all the diplomatic cover it could have hoped for to strike a blow to the terror group and its Iranian patrons.

The U.N. cease-fire resolution for Lebanon offered on the weekend by France and the U.S. isn’t everything we might like. But it does show a new international sobriety concerning the Hezbollah problem. While there are few sources of vocal support for Ehud Olmert’s Israeli government, there does seem to be widespread recognition that a return to the status quo before Hezbollah attacked is unacceptable.

Thus the draft resolution would allow Israeli troops to remain in southern Lebanon and to act defensively should the Hezbollah rocket barrages continue. A second resolution would then be needed to create a multinational peacekeeping force whose mission would be to disarm Hezbollah, not just verify that it isn’t launching Katyushas. …[Read more]

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