Hizbullah’s exploitation of Lebanese population centers and civilians: Photographic evidence


The Hizbullah terrorists in Lebanon have purposely hidden themselves and stockpiled their missiles in residential areas, thus endangering the surrounding populations. Indeed, many of the missiles recently fired at Israel were stored and launched from or near private homes, commandeered by Hizbullah terrorists wishing to shield their actions behind civilians in order to thwart Israel’s response. …[Read more]

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Posted on August 9, 2006, in News and politics. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Does anyone think about why these terrorists can get popular support?

    “Eye for eye, tooth for tooth” can not get rid of terror from the root. Western country should study the history and religion of middle east countries more in deep to find non-violent ways to bring long term peace to people there.

    For christians, we should always follow our Savior’s foot step. LOVE ONE ANOTHER .

  2. Perhaps Middle Eastern countries ought to study their own history and bring peace to their own region, how about that for a truly remarkable idea.

  3. It might help if we stop interferring in internal affairs in the Middle East. Methinks Arabs don’t like foreigners telling them how to live their lives.

  4. Some Arabs states, like Saudi Arabia & Kuwaitm would beg to differ with you. We saved they backside more than once; and will do it in the future.

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