Bush says plot a ‘stark reminder’


President George W Bush has said a plot to bomb US-bound flights from the UK is a “stark reminder” that the US is still at war with Islamic extremists.

Mr Bush said it showed “Islamic fascists… will use any means to destroy those of us who love freedom” …[Read more]

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  1. And now as a result, liquids and makeup in your carry-on. This is getting ridiculous.

  2. Oops, I meant to type *no* liquids and makeup in your carry-on…

  3. oh, Bush is loving this, he’s relishing getting the media lapdogs to follow suit on this terrorist plot on a “massive scale,” and the media have taken the bait, because a juicy story gets more press.

    But……let’s think about this for a second. Bush and his supporters like to relate his “war on terror” to that of Roosevelt’s World War II. But….how long did it take Roosevelt to fundamentally and completely alter the entire world? How long did it take for Roosevelt to utterly destroy his enemies? Three and a half years.

    It is now five years into Bush’s “war on terror.” How’s the progress?

    Let’s take a look.

    1. Iraq – a total bloodbath, with over 1800 civilians killed just in the month of July alone. A civil war (though nobody who backed this war in Iraq wants to admit the elephant standing in the room, because it would undermine their very reasons for this war, but civil war it surely is in Iraq). A civil war, not like our American civil war (which Bush tried to compare falsely), but more like what we’ve seen in the Sudan. According to Foreign Policy’s numbers Iraq is the fourth worst failed state in the world. Even Somalia is better than Iraq currently is! How many terrorist attacks occur in Iraq daily? Like 50 to 100?

    2. Afghanistan – the Taliban are still around. What the heck are they doing still alive? What the heck are they doing still fighting our troops FIVE YEARS after we invaded Afghanistan! Afghanistan is 10th on the failed states index on Foreign Policy.

    3. Iran – pursuing nuclear weapons still, using Hezbollah to get Israel to destroy Lebanon, Bush’s one and only true success in the Middle East. Now Lebanon is in flames and a loss. Meanwhile, Iran remains very strong and very influential. Not only that, but Iran is loving the chaos in Iraq. It means that Iran can move in its influence and take control of Iraq, which it is doing through al-Sadr.

    4. North Korea – nuclear weapons and punishment-less missile testing. I thought we told them not to fire their missiles, yet on our Independence Day, they fire seven of them, without any consequences.

    5. Hezbollah is gaining popularity among Arabs while Arab moderates are losing influence. This does not bode well for the future.

    All in all, after five years this war has gone terribly. And no one can say that Islamic fascists are more powerful than the German and Japanese militaries combined. These guys live in caves!!!

    6. Finally, this plot shows us several disturbing things.

    a. firstly, al-Qaida can still plan and almost execute a pretty destructive plan ON AIRPLANES no less! It seems they have a fixation with this mobile bombs we call airplanes. More importantly, after five years of Bush’s “aggressive” actions, Al-Qaida can still carry out such a massive plan. I thought we were beating them.

    b. secondly, politics is all about timing. two days before the release of this information, a hawkish Democrat lost in a primary to a candidate calling for the return of American troops from Iraq. It has been rumored that the Brits were not going to release this information about this terror plot if Lieberman would have won. Blair is getting hammered at home for his lapdog relationship with Bush, and needed something to show his constituents that they are “doing something.” Moreover, it gives Bush hawks all the juicy stories to keep the airwaves going for a while here, at least until they release information on another plot in say, October. This airplane plot was not immediate. The Brits knew about this plot since July 2005. Why did they not release this information earlier? Why two days after a anti-war candidate wins and gets his face on national news in America?

    This also gave Bush the opportunity to use the alert system once more, something not used since before the 2004 election. Notice that in the fall of 2002, the alert system was used quite frequently, and then fell silent for a good long time after the November 2002 election. Then in 2004, we suddenly hear of more plots and terror threats up until the 2004 election. Then suddenly, it was as if the terrorists decided that 2005 was not a year to attack America. They must have decided to coincide their attacks on America with the elections for maximal effect.

    I predict we will hear of more terror plots “foiled” and alerts going up to red more frequently as the congressional election approaches.

    That is a strong charge to make, and I am making it. This is the tactic of the Bush administration. The evidence is clear. They cry wolf to instill fear in the populace, so that the populace would be too afraid to change and remove the incompetence out of power. I can only hope that Americans don’t get bambozzled again. But I’ve become a cynic as I’ve grown older and wiser.

    My final point, Bush is reminding me a lot of Ahab, King of Israel in 1 Kings 22. I doubt terrorists will actually be able to get to Bush, but I do wonder if the Lord does not mind right now if we humans go about killing each other……..

  4. Dan, I get the faint impression you don’t like Bush. Then again, I could just be reading too much into your post.

  5. ldspatriot,

    you just might be right. And methinks history and all of future America will see Bush as the worst president in US history. It is a shame not enough Americans are seeing this now to do something about it and stop the madness to come over the next two years.

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