Israeli leaders still not sure they’re at war

Israeli leaders still not sure they’re at war
‘Growing disharmony’ between government and army

August 10, 2006
Michael Widlanski

Most wartime leaders look for “an exit strategy,” but in the case of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, many Israelis are wondering if there is an “entry strategy.”

Indeed, in a striking statement that surprised reporters Tuesday, Prime Minister Olmert seemed to be blaming the Israeli army for not moving earlier and more aggressively to root out terrorists shooting rockets into Israel.

“Until yesterday morning [Aug. 6] no operative plans were presented to me to expand our military activities in Lebanon beyond where our army now stands,” declared Mr. Olmert in his first live news briefing with reporters since the war began . . . [Click for more]

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  1. hmmmmm…..not at war? So people on both sides are not dying anymore? methinks Israelis are “past feeling” when it comes to war. Perhaps they should try making peace with their neighbors.

  2. Me thinks you falsely condemn Israelis.

    I was unaware Israel has not tried making peace with its neighbors.

  3. methinks I am not condemning Israel, but criticizing it just as Israelis are. This war was bad for Israel. Saying so does not make one anti-Israeli, or that would make someone like Benjamin Netinyahu anti-Israeli, as he too has criticized this war and has said this was bad for Israel.

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