West Point’s Combating Terrorism Center: The Islamic Imagery Project: Visual Motifs in Jihadi Internet Propaganda

Combating Terrorism Center: Islamic Imagery Project:

The Internet is a critical means of communication for the newest generation of terrorist groups. The salafi jihadi movement in particular has used the Internet to pass strategic, operational, and tactical instruction to its followers, becoming adept at utilizing the anonymity and global reach of online communications to promote its message. Visual imagery provides a key aspect of the terrorists’ message in that it allows these groups to paint a picture of their objectives, their enemies, and their strategy through graphics, photographs, and symbols. The Combating Terrorism Center at West Point has provided an open source catalogue of these images and their meaning. The Islamic Imagery Project: Visual Motifs in Jihadi Internet Propaganda provides analyses for one-hundred key motifs that appear throughout the jihadists’ visual propaganda. It is our hope that this project will be useful to scholars and practitioners alike. We welcome comments and feedback. …[Read more]

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Posted on August 11, 2006, in News and politics. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Its critical to examine their tools so as to undertand what informs their actions and craft (soft/hard) options to contain,dissuade them from such hateful actions,

  2. If we are to combat terrorism we must first understand Islam. In what background have terrorists evolved? What are their motivations and objectives?
    What can we do to defuse the situation?
    Who are all the players and in what way do their motivations and aspirations differ?
    The more of these questions that we can answer the closer we will get to the solution to this major problem.

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