Malkin’s Vent: The return of terror in the skies

Michelle Malkin has an excellent Vent, The return of terror in the skies, she starts, “You know why our motto is ‘never again’? Because our enemies motto is ‘try, try again’.

She gets it. Too bad the majority of America is not so vigilant.

Militant Islam is the scourge of today, and unless combated diligently on every front, victory will be theirs.

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  1. This is a further example of how much Bush has failed at defeating terror, and how his policies have led to an exacerbation of terror in the world, not a decrease. Americans should be like the Israelis and hold their government accountable for their failures. How come we don’t? How come we still allow Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice in power, even though their policies are attrociously poor in defeating our enemies? Bin Laden is still alive. The insurgency and secterian violence in Iraq is stronger than ever, Hezbollah beat Israel by simply standing up to them. Israel will hold their leaders accountable for their failures. Why can’t Americans do the same?

  2. Dan, its clear you are anti-Bush. Tell me, what policies of the Bush admin do you approve of? What successes can you name or are in agreement with?

  3. Before I answer your diversionary questions, will you answer mine? I know they may be rhetorical in nature, but I really am curious why Americans do not hold their leaders as responsible for their failures as the Israelis do.

  4. Dan, I guess I don’t understand the gist of your question, “why Americans do not hold their leaders as responsible for their failures.” They do. It’s called the media, polls, elections, and even impeachment.

  5. Let me say it this way. The Israelis see when their leaders actually fail and hold them accountable. Why cannot Americans see when their leaders fail and hold them accountable? It is painfully obvious that Iraq is a failed plan, a nasty civil war where in one month in a population of 25 million, 3400 people die of violent deaths. earlier I compared that to the crime rate in the United States, with 16,000 homocides in 2003, but I wasn’t being fair to the numbers. That is 16,000 homicides in one year to a population of 280 million. 3400 will equal about 41,000 violent deaths in one year in a population of 25 million. Proportionally, that is 410,000 deaths in a population of 250 million, and over 450,000 violent deaths in a population of 280 million in one year. Can you imagine that many deaths in one year in America? In our civil war, we lost 600,000 people. And that civil war lasted a few years. Proportionally speaking, Iraqis will lose a higher rate of people in their civil war, a civil war that would not have occurred if the Bush doctrine had not been implemented. A complete failure and disaster. Why do so many Americans not see this and actually hold their leaders accountable? Do they not realize that such failures of such magnitudes are extremely detrimental to our safety in the future? Do they not realize that, as Porter Goss has so clearly said, that Islamic Jihadists are exploiting our gross actions in Iraq to recruit new jihadists? Do they not realize that five years is plenty of time to go and destroy people living in caves! But we’ve failed because those in charge have no idea what they are doing, and only care about their political butts. I would never have dreamed that Americans would allow such travesties to occur in their nation, but apparently I should be cynical. The evidence points to more wins for these terrible leaders. How sad.

  6. Dan, the sky is not falling. Iran has more to do with the current crisis in Iraq than any failure of the war effort.

    A civil war could not happen when Saddam was in power because he was busy murdering 100,000s of innocents; by some accounts he murdered 600,000 – 800,000 people.

    The Bush doctrine has had major successes, and your refusal to acknowledge that plain fact begs the question if your are merely an anti-Bush partisan.

    Better the Jihadists die in Iraq et al. than American soil, don’t you think? That alone makes it safer for America.

    Those in charge have made mistakes, but nearly as bad as would have been the case if Dems were in office. I am so glad Kerry lost the election. Besides, those running the war are Dems and Repubs.

    As the Book of Mormon points out, it is nearly impossible to clean out terrorist hiding in the mountains. Guerrillas are like cockroaches; despite your best efforts, there are always more. You are not advocating we stop killing cockroaches, are you?

  7. I was afraid you’d call terrorist cockroaches. I was afraid that even just 12 years later, we had completely forgotten what has happened the last time a group of people called another group of people cockroaches, and no I’m not even talking about when Nazis called Jews cockroaches, either. That was 70 years ago. I’m talking about something even more recently. Take a look at these two sources:

    Rwanda propaganda.

    Propaganda and Practice in Rwanda.

    We began by saying that a cockroach cannot give birth to a butterfly. It is true. A cockroach gives birth to another cockroach…The history of Rwanda shows us clearly that a Tutsi stays always exactly the same, that he has never changed. The malice, the evil are just as we knew them in the history of our country. We are not wrong in saying that a cockroach gives birth to another cockroach. Who could tell the difference between the Inyenzi who attacked in October 1990 and those of the 1960s. They are all linked…their evilness is the same. The unspeakable crimes of the Inyenzi of today…recall those of their elders: killing, pillaging, raping girls and women, etc.

    Furthermore, the Hutu leader, Mugesera said the following:

    In a speech that weaves together the major themes of pro-Habyarimana propaganda, Mugesera stresses above all the danger of being invaded. In opening his remarks, he tells the audience: “At whatever cost, you will leave here with these words…do not let yourselves be invaded.” And after having returned to the phrase about not being invaded another ten times in the half hour speech, he concludes, “I know you are men…who do not let themselves be invaded, who refuse to be scorned.”


    Saying that the enemy’s objective is extermination, Mugesera exhorts his audience to “rise up…really rise up” in self-defense. He cites the Bible several times and declares that the MRND has a new version of the Biblical adage to turn the other cheek: “If you are struck once on one cheek, you should strike back twice…” He says that the law provides the death penalty for both politicians inside the country and “Inyenzi” who have betrayed the national interest. If the judicial system is not going to act to execute this punishment, then the people have the right to do so themselves and “to exterminate this scum.” In referring to the “Inyenzi,” he says that it was a mistake that some of them were allowed to get away in 1959.


    Speaking before Rwandans, who ordinarily value sophisticated, allusive rhetoric, Mugesera chose unusually blunt words to convey his message. Using a coarse term not often heard in a public address, he talks of members of other parties coming to MRND territory to defecate. He depicts the opponent as dying, in the agony of death, knocked down, and under ground. He calls them “vermin” that must be “liquidated.” And at the end, he gives a final warning, “Know that the person whose throat you do not cut now will be the one who will cut yours.”

    Inyenzi, by the way, means cockroach in Rwandan.

    Never call another human being a cockroach, no matter how vile that human being is. It demeans his godly heritage, and sure makes it a lot easier when you want to kill him. After all who has any guilt over killing a cockroach?

    Now, on to the rest…..

    Nice try to divert from our failure by saying that, hey at least it is better than it was under Saddam’s regime. Really? What is better today? It shows just how horrible it is in Iraq right now that life was actually better under Saddam’s regime. That’s how horrible we’ve been in managing security in Iraq. Your use of statistics needs historical correcting. You say he “murdered”, by some accounts, up to a half a million people, but then don’t clarify that the large amount of those were Iranians who had attempted to take over Iraq. Those were deaths the United States approved of.

    Rumsfeld Meets With Saddam in 1983.

    I’m not going to continue in clarifying history, because your bringing up life under Saddam is a red herring meant to distract and divert attention from the failings of our actions.

    What “Major Successes” has Bush’s doctrine had? Why is there an increase in the number of terrorist attacks in the world? Even before 9/11 most terrorist attacks happened outside the United States, so to say, “well hey, we’ve not been hit with another attack….yet,” is to not understand the world of terror at all. Take a look at the following:

    Terrorist Attacks Rose Sharply in 2005.

    Incidents of Mass Casualty Terrorism.

    Notice there that most of the large mass casualty terrorist attacks happened AFTER 9/11.

    Look at the State Department’s Travel Guide page warning travellers worldwide of a terror threat, i.e. anywhere. You call this successful? Just recently, the British unveiled a plot to blow up planes over U.S. cities that was pretty close to completion (though this is starting to sound more like a cry wolf than anything, as these guys were monitored, and apparently the US pushed Britain to reveal this plot a week early…..politics anyone?).

    So, I ask again, what “major success” has Bush had in the war on terror? Is Bin Laden caught or killed? Why is his organization still able to almost carry out another devastating attack, after five years of being hounded? Is Iraq a peaceful democracy? How’s the Lebanese democracy doing? What about Lybia? Why is Ghadaffi interfering in Somalia? Why are British Muslims now trying THREE times to kill Britons and Americans? Why is Iran more powerful than ever? Why does North Korea get away with no punishment to fire seven missiles, specifically on our most patriotic day!

    There are no major successes in this Bush Administration. 60% of the public sees this, but I fear that is not enough, and we’ll have to deal with this madness for another 2 years, sadly.

    You say,

    Better the Jihadists die in Iraq et al. than American soil, don’t you think? That alone makes it safer for America.

    No, it is not better. As Porter Goss said, Islamic Jihadists are exploiting the war in Iraq to recruit new jihadists. That is never good for America.


    Those in charge have made mistakes, but nearly as bad as would have been the case if Dems were in office. I am so glad Kerry lost the election. Besides, those running the war are Dems and Repubs.

    Really? What evidence do you have of this? Or have you just bought into Rove’s propaganda, so that you are so fearful of anything besides the impotent and inept Republicans? Are you really that fearful?

    And Dems running the war? who? Name me a Democrat who is in a position of authority to execute a portion of Bush’s war on terror. I dare you.

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