LDS Patriot’s fate debated on SnarkerNacle

Too rich! Take SnarkerNacle’s survey.

Can someone please tell me who is Mark Bulter?

SnarkerNacle: Naccle Battle Rages in Current Events

… The question now is, is there room enough for two current events bloggers in the Nacle? Sure, sure, Guy dominates the Mormon Archipeligo’s current events with his backcountry California lawyerly ingratiating style, and the LDS Patriot dominates LDSelect box three, frequently crowding out all others. But, that is not the point! The Point is there can only be ONE! That is the whole point of the American capitalist spirit, crush the competition and be the dominant force in whatever you do.

So, who will it be? Will Guy Murray’s obsession with everything Mitt reign supreme, or will the LDS Patriot’s persistent torrent of the tangential flood the Naccle, washing away all others? …[Read more]

The survey:

1. What should happen in the Battle for the Mormon Current Events blog supremacy?
The only currant events I care about is the jam on my morning toast
LDS Patriot should join M&A so then it really would be a group blog
Guy Murray and the LDS Patriot should resolve this with a pistol duel, and hopefully both will be mortally wounded
The LDS Patriot is in fact Mark Butler, which explains why he posts so often and the posts don’t really have much to do with Mormonism, so he should just out himself and give up
Guy Murray should be rewarded for his sycophancy and be taken on as T&S permadullard to replace Nate Oman, since he has mercifully stopped blogging, and then we can just ignore him like the rest of T&S
Guy Murray should join the 9M group blog, as Rusty’s current events blogging is so awfully bad even Guy could improve it
The LDS Patriot should spend more time watering his lawn, then he would have to spend more time mowing it, which would be a nice diversion from blogging, for us anyway
Both of them should go to and type in the word “mormon” and hit search and realize what they are doing is largely a waste of time
Nothing, they are both great and doing the Naccle an enormous service and should be lauded for their selfless sacrifice of time and effort and mindhsare. Yay!

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