LDS finalists battle for 1st place on “So You Think You Can Dance”

Our family favorite is Benji. My kids can hardly stand to wait for the finale tonight. We voted over 20 times last week for Benji. Heidi is very good as well, but Benji’s dancing skills, stage presence and personality are unmatched.

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Benji Schwimmer ― Dancing His Heart Out

Mormondom’s dancing missionary has reminded church members of our great dance heritage, while at the same time teaching non-members about the gospel in action.
By Rebecca Birkin

This summer, many LDS members have enjoyed gathering their families to watch Benji Schwimmer, a finalist on Fox TV’s popular program, “So You Think You Can Dance.” Benji is not only a versatile and charismatic dancer, but also an active member of the Church.

As LDS fans rally behind Benji, they cheer what Benji represents ― great talent refreshingly combined with outstanding character.

Tonight, in the Fox network two-part finale conclusion, viewers will discover who among the four finalists will win ― Benji, his cousin Heidi Groskreutz, Donyelle Jones (Benji’s partner for most of the competition), or Virginia native Travis Wall. When asked if he felt worried competing against his cousin, Benji said they weren’t in competition.

“Heidi and I are just so honored to be together till the end [of the competition],” Benji explained. It doesn’t matter who wins because, “We’ve already agreed to share part of the prize money if either one of us gets it. We are dance partners so there really isn’t a sense of competitiveness. We’re blood!”[Read more]

Part 1

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  1. Benji was definitely the best all around dancer, but I was disappointed that the show made it a competition between the sexes as well. Female dancers are different than male, and to compare the two is wrong. In any case, my soapbox aside, I’m glad Benji won. He was the best.

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