Why is Utah so red? Demos blamed

My wonderful wife is an old school JFK Dem who loves the Clintons. I am a Reaganite conservative. We both support President Bush. I asked my wife tonight, “If it were between Mitt or Hillary, whom would you vote for?” Her response, “Hmm, that would be tough.” I replied, “OK, you’re a confused Dem!” She laughed.

My wife is one the brightest and most intelligent persons I know. She is a Mensa, a gifted Old Testament scholar, an incredible genealogist, speaks five languages, has a great heart, and loves the gospel, her family, and, proud to say, me. While I may not fully understand her left leaning politics, I do understand I’m a blessed man to have her as my wife.

We are living proof Dems and Repubs can get along; not just get along, but thrive and enrich each other in synergistic ways that can only occur from contrasting viewpoints and positions.

deseretnews.com: Why is Utah so red? Demos blamed

Political scientist and pollster Dan Jones thinks reasons why Utah is the “reddest” state include the Democratic Party’s inability to articulate an exit strategy for the war in Iraq.

To simply set a date by which American troops should get out of that country “doesn’t work,” Jones said in a talk Sunday to the congregation of the First Unitarian Church, 569 S. 1300 East. Jones, whose Dan Jones & Associates firm conducts surveys for the Deseret Morning News, spoke as part of the Unitarians’ Summer Forum series.

The topic of his speech was “Why Is Utah the Reddest State? And So What?”

Commenting on Iraq, Jones said he believes civil war will complicate the scene there. Syria and Iran are “involved up to their necks” in the unrest, he believes.

Other reasons why Republicans dominate Utah politics include these, Jones said in his speech and an interview afterward:

  • The inability of the state’s Democrats and independents “to relate with a Democrat at the national level.” The party’s nominee for president in 1992, Bill Clinton, racked up the lowest vote in Utah. “That could be the same with Hillary” Clinton should she be nominated, he said.
  • Democrats have no clear policy on immigration.
  • The inability to pass a minimum wage boost, which means no increase in pay “for the little guy.” Democrats should have been able to muster the votes in Congress for an increase, he said, although they may have had to do some compromising with Republicans about other issues in order to swing some GOP votes their way.
  • Democrats are labeled as pro-choice and in favor of same-sex marriage, which goes against the grain of many Utahns.
  • Many members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints “feel that Democrat policies are counter to church positions.” …[Read more]

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  1. let’s put the blame where it belongs. Republicans have hijacked religion and spread out the false claims that Democrats are “godless”—Anne Coulter anyone?—what Mormon living in Da Bubble would then align himself with a godless party?

  2. My beef with Dems are these:

    1) tax and spend mentality
    2) victim mentality
    3) advocates of a culture of death via abortion & euthanasia
    4) advocates of secularism, i.e., freedom from religion as opposed to freedom of religion
    5) advocates of gay marriages & gay rights
    6) incessant whiners
    7) power hungry to the point of putting politics first over national security
    8) poor loser’s, i.e., still complain about losing the election to Bush
    9) apparent hostility to the Christian religion
    10) party leaders are liars

    I could go on … after all … but I’ll let this suffice for the moment …

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