Not a clash of civilizations

This is not a clash of civilizations as it is commonly referred to. Rather, it’s a clash among the members of one civilization-Islamists vs. moderate Muslims (by moderate I mean anti-Islamist Muslims). Muslims are the first victims of the deadly jihad of the Islamists, e.g., Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Algeria, Sudan, Israel/Palestine, to name a few.

It is estimated by scholars that some 10%-15% Muslims support militant Islamists goals that use jihad as the method to enforce its ideology. That translates to 100,000,000 – 150,000,000 Muslims! Add to that the general consensus that 50% of Muslims are sympathetic to Islamists and you have 600,000,000 – 750,000,000 Muslims that side with or are sympathetic to the imperialistic, militant Islamic ideology. That is something to remember when you hear the common canard, “these radicals represent only a small, tiny faction of Muslims.”

What is more…

Just as the deviant Western ideologies of fascism and communism challenged and then had to be expelled from the West, so it is with militant Islam and the Muslim world. The battle for the soul of Islam will undoubtedly last many years and take many lives, and it likely to be the greatest ideological battle of the post-Cold War era. (Pipes, Militant Islam Reaches America)

The West cannot fix the problems germinating in the Muslim world. The West are outsiders, and though the West can contain and deter as like it did with communism, it cannot cure what ails Islam.

That is where moderate Muslims come in; they are the only hope the world has of eradicate this toxic, deadly, virulent version of Islam. That is to say, the vaccine can only come from the Islamic world. Which is one reason I love the work of Dr. Jasser, a Muslim who gets it, and has taken action to step up and counter-jihad the Islamists.

Dr. ‘AbdulHamid Ahmad AbuSulayman is a respected Muslim who wrote a book called Crisis in the Muslim Mind:

Across the Muslim world today if anything is self-evident it is that the Ummah is badly in need of reform. On this point it can be stated with confidence that all Muslims are agreed. Poverty and injustice characterize the face of Muslim lands from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Pollution and corruption are the order of the day in societies where the gulf between then and the developed countries of the world has never been wider. Politics in the Muslim world are all too often the politics of desperation, economics the economics of deprivation, and culture the culture of despair.

Crisis in the Muslim Mind examines the intellectual and historical roots of the malaise that has overspread the Ummah and threatens to efface its identity. First published in Arabic in 1991, this important work (in an abridged English translation) is designed to familiarize educated and concerned Muslims with the nature of the crisis confronting them, and to suggest the steps necessary to overcome it.

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  1. *shakes his head*

    looks like there is still so much work to be done to get people to stop being so violent one toward another.

    Also, Pipes really does not understand the world very well, does he? He’s so blinded by his god of iron and steel that he thinks will bring him peace that he cannot see any other more righteous way of solving problems.

    If, as he claims this is a battle for the soul of Islam, what the heck are we, Christians, doing trying to influence one side or the other? He’s as delusional as Krauthammer if not worse….no I take it back, no one is worse than Krauthammer.

  2. Dan, your assessment of Pipes is in error. Lets remind you that you refuse to read his works, therefore you do not understand his points of view or recommended policies, thus making your bashing of him without merit don’t you think? Isn’t your lack of open-mindedness in fact a hallmark of blindness?

    Pipes is not the warmonger you paint him to be; nothing could be further from the truth. If Israel, Palestine & the U.S. would have heeded his policies recommendations there would have been true peace in the Middle East for decades. Dan, since you can’t be bothered to learn what policy recommendations Pipes has made, isn’t it a bit ridiculous for you to form an opinion of him in a data free environment?

    What is more, Daniel Peterson, Professor of Islamic Studies and Arabic, endorses Pipes scholarship and expertise of Islam and the Middle East. Peterson thinks “highly of him”, reminds us to “Keep reading Daniel Pipes”, and is “not very pleased with the campaign to blacken and marginalize Daniel Pipes. If he’s wrong, that should be demonstrated with evidence and analysis, not by name-calling.”

    Dan, start reading Pipes. Who knows, you might even learn something!

    *shakes his head*

    Peterson endorses Pipes

    Pipes bio

    Peterson bio

  3. I don’t care who endorses him. I’ve read what you’ve reprinted of Mr. Pipes’s comments, and frankly he doesn’t know what he is talking about, and therefore neither does Mr. Peterson. Anyone, and I mean anyone, who further endorses war in the Middle East is no friend of peaceful relations between Israel and her neighbors. It is actually that simple. Anyone who actually thinks that the “strong horse” needed to be shown in the Middle East is a powerful military does not understand the Arab mindset at all. Israel has had the “invincible” army, and yet Arabs don’t see them as the strong horse, do they? They’d respect and make peace with Israel if its military was the “strong horse” needed to impress the Arabs, right? What folly! Strength does not come from military might. True strength comes from how you treat your enemies and your neighbors.

    Real American might after World War II came not from its glorious victories in World War II battles, but in what it did afterwards to rebuild the nations torn apart by war. America made huge efforts to rebuild the two countries they destroyed, Germany and Japan. What does Israel do to rebuild Lebanon? Who, in fact, is working mightily hard at rebuilding Lebanon and thereby winning the hearts and minds of the people? Hezbollah. Do you think this plays well in Israel’s future? Not in the least.

    We, Americans need to—let me be more clear—it is absolutely essential for America to get off its mindset, the propaganda fed by the military-industrial-complex that is making billions off wars, that true patriotism and the true hero is the fighter, the warrior, the soldier. As President Kimball said, such is Satan’s patriot. It is absolutely essential for us to consider an alternative to war to succeed in the Middle East. We will fail if we don’t.

    And Mr. Pipes has no idea what anything else is besides the Warrior. Show me quotes where he talks about Israel rebuilding Lebanon in the same manner America rebuilt Germany. Show me how Mr. Pipes sees Israel winning the hearts and minds of the Lebanese. Show me what he says Israel must do to get the same peace treaties that Israel made with Egypt and Jordan, which by the way are still effectual and successful. Show me where Mr. Pipes talks of peace. He does not. His “strong horse” is the Warrior, the god of Iron and Steel and Uranium. He is a false prophet.

  4. Furthermore, ask yourself why Lebanese who fled the bombings and fightings never went to Israel for protection, but instead fled to the Syrian border. After all, Israel wasn’t targeting civilians right? they should be safe fleeing to israel for protection, right? Why did no Lebanese flee to Israel for protection?

    That should be a very telling sign about Israel’s way of treating her neighbors.

  5. Dan, you come off as the Grand-Know-It-All, condemning and judging any and all who differ with your opinion on how things ought to be. Your claim is that you understand more about Arabs, Muslims, Islam, and the Middle East than two of worlds most renowned and respected scholars and experts. OK, sure, whatever! How can anyone reason and argue against such grandiose thinking? How can anyone reason and argue against such anti-intellectuality? I think you are coming strictly from an emotional place, not a logical place or a place of reason. I respect you, Dan, and your opinion. I just don’t understand your anti-intellectuality.

  6. ldspatriot,

    I’m hardening in my position just as much as Bush supporters in theirs. Earlier I gave you an example of Carter and Clinton actually making peace in the Middle East and you scoffed at it, like a good partisan. Respect for others goes both ways, mr. Ldspatriot. Can you respect the Democratic position? So far, I have not seen a single proof of this.

  7. And I still challenge you to show me where Mr. Pipes talked about how to achieve peace in the Middle East. Show me the money.

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