Feds challenge 9/11 conspiracies

Feds challenge 9/11 conspiracies

August 31, 2006

In the wake of growing skepticism, the U.S. government is taking the unusual step of responding to conspiracy theories about the Sept. 11, 2001, destruction of the World Trade Center.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology, or NIST, headquartered in Gaithersberg, Md., investigated the causes of the collapse of the twin towers. Yesterday NIST announced it had posted a “fact sheet” addressing alternative theories about the World Trade Center fires and collapse . . . [Click for more]

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  1. Hmmm….What does NIST stand for? It stands for the National Institute of Standards and Technology. By their own admission
    the NIST is a “non-regulatory federal agency within the U.S. Commerce Department’s Technology Administration.”
    A better headline for your post would be “Government Investigates Claims of Government Wrongdoing and Finds Nothing Amiss.” For those who haven’t figured it out, if any of the alternate theories of September 11th are true, then the government either had to be directly involved in the attack or involved in a cover-up of what actually happend. Therefore they cannot be trusted to objectively investigate what really happened. I remember there used to be a phrase for that. Oh yeah… it’s called a conflict of interest.
    It is no wonder the NIST report is full of inconsistencies and obvious omissions. See this link for some of the more obvious problems with the NIST report: http://911research.wtc7.net/reviews/nist/WTC_FAQ_reply.html
    If you want to know what really happened on 9/11 you need to do some research, but you shouldn’t be so naive as to believe that the government is capable of fairly investigating itself.

  2. Peter Gardiner

    I am not rich but I really would like to add my weight to bringing Bush and his cronies to justice.

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