Religious prejudice isn’t Romney’s problem

Not a bad cartoon of Romney per se. However, if his Mormonism is a hurdle or barrier to be overcome, those doing the leaping will be the voters, not Romney.

Indeed, some voters prejudices will be too high a hurdle to overcome, thus preventing them from making the leap of faith in favor of a President who happens to be a faithful Mormon. That’s their problem, not Romney’s.

Mitt Romney’s problem |

From The Economist print edition

Religious prejudice may yet undo the Republicans’ latest favourite

YOU can say what you want against American politics. You can call it corrupt, vulgar, interminable, and boringly limited to two behemoth parties. But you cannot accuse it of lacking in drama. The mid-term elections are still a month away, but some of the most intriguing action is taking place in the race for the presidency. Mitt Romney, the governor of Massachusetts, is making a concerted bid to seize the mantle as the leader of “the Republican wing of the Republican Party”. …[read more]

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  1. Well, I see conspiracies every where lately. Whenever I see something I don’t quite understand, I know that there is a conspiracy and we don’t know who is behind it. Take for instance the arrest of Warren Jeffs, the mild mannered milk-toast looking Polygamist who made the FBI ten most wanted list. Usually the guys on the list are mass murderers, bank robbers or worse or are involved in interstate activities worth millions of dollars. Why all of a sudden Warren? Also I know that the attorney generals of both Arizona and Utah do not relish stirring up another hornet’s nest like happened 50 years ago in the same community. This may be a boring news item and fizzle like a wet ladyfinger when all the witnesses get cold feet. But let’s get back to the conspiracy. Isn’t Mitt Romney going to run against Senator John McCain of Arizona? Who is it that convinced the FBI to go out on a limb to go after a rough character and threat to the community as uncle Warren? Did the FBI know that Mitt’s dad, the Ex Governor of Michigan was born in the Colonies of Mexico, near the community of Galeana where the FLDS got its start? There is more, and the tabloids will have a great time selling papers over that.

    Personally, I never met a Romney that I didn’t like and would like to have one for my president some day. Maybe there isn’t a conspiracy, but……….

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