Contentions and dissensions in America helps Jihadists gain power

Jihadists are to be blamed for 9/11.

I despise the Clintons. But never, ever, would I blame him for 9/11.

Likewise, if you despise Bush et al, don’t blame him for 9/11, blame the Jihadists.

Otherwise, it is pure partisanship trying to lay the blame on the other side.

Doing so has divided Americans along party lines, and it has the power to destroy this country.

If the finger pointing does not stop, the Jihadists and other enemies of America will easily destroy her.

Why help the Jihadists divide and destroy America?

In the Book of Mormon, secret combinations gain power

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  1. Hopefully, most Americans are intelligent enough to assign blame based upon evidence rather than pure partisanship. Amazingly enough, the members of the 911 truth movement come from a variety of differing political and ideological perspectives. I consider myself to be a conservative. Heck, I even voted for Bush in his first run for president.
    But there are more important things here than partisanship. Both parties have been controlled by corporate interests for a long time now and most Americans would be lieing if they said they were happy with their particular political party. Yes, the parties still have somewhat different platforms, but they appear to be almost identical after they are elected. We are ruled in large part by corporate interests which have the money to pay large sums to the politicians to vote they way they want them to.
    I’m not saying that all of our politicians are corrupt, but the ones who aren’t bouth off are marginalized within congress. They aren’t selected to serve on the committees that have the greatest impact on legislation. They aren’t often sought after for sound-bite quotes on the mainstream media outlets.
    For insight about what is happening in our country read George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Orwell was amazingly prescient about the events that are shaping our country. There are those today who actually read legislation and listen to those dissenters of our government and, as a result, have been prescient about upcoming events.
    On July 25th, 2001, Alex Jones, the host of a radio and television program predicted 9/11. Watch this link, if you dare:
    Jones’ most recent documentary Terrorstorm,available for free on Google video, explains our current situation rather plainly. Jones has also recently predicted that there will be another “terrorist” attack in the U.S. in the month of October. This event will provide the excuse for the U.S. to launch an attack against Iran. By the way, many Americans who actually research current events have known that we have been planning to invade Iran for at least 6 years now.
    I now it hurts to hear this, but our government, yes even the hallowed U.S. government, has committed a number of false flag military attacks against ourselves as a pretext and excuse for war. There are documents obtainable from our government that show how we have attacked our own troops and ships in order to get America to support involvement in certain wars. Our government now admits that the Japanese were allowed to bomb Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7th, 1942 in order to sway Americans so they would support our involvement in WWII. Our government had interecepted Japanese radio trasmissions that stated the day of their upcoming suprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Yet our president ordered the military at Pearl Harbor to dismantle their radar so they would be sitting ducks when the Japanese attacked.
    For those of you who insist that our government wouldn’t allow its own citizens to be harmed for political gain, I say that you haven’t bothered to research. There are numerous examples. Google ‘gulf of tonkin’ for another example. These examples should motivate you to look at 9/11 in a different light.
    War has the power to destroy our country, yet we are on the verge of being embroiled in another war with Iran. Thankfully we have the internet. We don’t have to be blind to the machinations of our government. We won’t hear the truth on mainstream media because they, like our congressmen, are controlled by corporate interests. Please be skeptical of what I have said. Don’t believe me. Do some research to prove me wrong.

  2. heh, this is too funny. you’re saying that the democratic process in America emboldens the enemy. Maybe we should make America a dictatorship, giving the executive all power, and then they won’t bother us anymore…..oh wait, we’ve already given Bush all power….

    What you are really saying is that no one should rightly criticize your Dear Leader, regardless of how poor his strategy is. It doesn’t matter if we are going towards a cliff. Stay quiet, keep in line, and follow the leader.

    Thanks but no thanks. I would rather take an emboldened enemy and keep my democracy than the dictatorship you espouse.

  3. The in-fighting does embolden the enemy, because they know we will de-fund the war if enough Americans grow tired of seeing their children killed by IED’s and sniper fire. Our media does have an affect, and all too often policy is built on public opinion.

    Unfortunately, there is plenty of blame to go around. However, the greater share of the blame has to go to the Democrat administrations and legislators who keep insisting on defunding the military and the intelligence community (NSA, CIA, FBI, DEA and Military intelligence networks). This goes back to President Jimmy Carter. We have needed field operatives on the ground and more aggressive policies for years. We have been de funding the intelligency community for almost 30 years. When you do that, you can expect the “hens to come home to roost”. We further frustrated the situation by never paying back groups like the Hamas for blowing up almost 250 marines that were only trying to keep the Beruit airport open for the Lebonese people. The USS COLE, BLACK HAWK DOWN in Somalia and numerous others attacks against Americans and our Embasies around the world, mostly in East Africa. The bombing of Lybia in the mid 1980’s shut down Khadafi for 20 years, and when we liberated Iraq, Khadfi came out of the bunker he was hiding in, and surrendered to the West and started to co-operate.

    Aggression in the name of justice and retaliatory strikes do work. I don’t care if they love America, so long as they fear us enough to leave America and American interests alone. We have tried to win the hearts of radicals around the world through kindness and charity. America has done more good than any other single nation in the history of mankind.

    So quit helping to embolden the enemy by being an infighting “paper tiger”. We do send a message to the enemy by infighting and airing our petty complaints about the war over there. I might ask, how can you make an ommelet without breaking eggs? “War is hell” but we are bending over bacwards trying not to make it hell for the enemy. They can shoot at us from Mosques and Schools, but we can’t fire back.

    If we fought the terrorist with more allowance for collateral damage we would end this sooner. Instead the liberals want to send our soldiers, sailors and marines over there to fight with both hands tied behind their backs. Then they complain that 5 or 25 more of our good boys are killed.

    Just remember, if it takes 20,000 lives to end the threat of the terrorist, it will have been worth it. This way you can still argue these facts in the safety of your home behind your computer.

    I have served in two different branches of the Armed forces. The Navy and the Air Force. I understand there are bad people out there that want us dead. I want them dead first, before they can set off an explosive at the next college event and kill my child who attends that event.

    The simple fact is, that if they perceive that Americans are not united, they will kill more Americans until we quit and go home like we did in Vietnam and about 6 million lives in Vietnam and the surounding countries were killed as a direct result of the Communist Tyrants taking over the region.

  4. Brad, amen and amen! I concur 100%. And ThankYouVeryMuch for your service to our country.

  5. Well said Brad.

  6. Don’t you remember the practice run when about 80 citizens were killed by the Islamo-fascists? How about the information Sandy Burger “mistakenly” took out of the national archives and cut into little pieces and put under a trailer, to retrive later, but never did and won’t say what the information was…?

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