James Dobson: Romney’s Mormon Faith Could Hinder Presidential Bid

Dobson, you disappoint me. You could have shown leadership in support of freedom of religion and Christian values and condemned bigotry in any form from “conservative Christians.” Instead, you fell short, way short.

Dobson, are you one of those “conservative Christians” who would not vote for a President who happened to be a faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? It appears so.

Christian Leader: Romney’s Mormon Faith Could Hinder Presidential Bid – October 3, 2006 – The New York Sun:

A prominent and powerful evangelical Christian leader, James Dobson, said yesterday that the Mormon faith practiced by Governor Romney of Massachusetts could pose a serious obstacle if Mr. Romney makes a bid for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008.

“I don’t believe that conservative Christians in large numbers will vote for a Mormon but that remains to be seen, I guess,” Mr. Dobson said on a syndicated radio program hosted by a conservative commentator, Laura Ingraham. …[Read more]

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  1. This doesn’t surprise me at all. From what it looks like, Romney has the best presidential package to sell. I personally would be disinclined to vote for him because he is a Republican–I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Mormons, considering I am an active one. However, the Religious Right shunning him because he is a Mormon (hopefully) may serve as an eye-opener to many LDS faitful who back the GOP because of their “religion-friendly” views. I know that bigotry and hatred for whatever reason are not values that the Savior taught. Hopefully, others of my faith can pick up on this too.

  2. I hate saying this, but I told you so. Not you personally, LDSPatriot, but Mormons who thought Evangelicals were somehow our friends. No, they’ll shake our hand with their right, and with their left stab us in the back. Never forget who publishes anti-Mormon materials. People like Mr. Dobson. They are no friends of Mormons. They use us for political points, but when it comes down to when it matters, they will not support us.

  3. Do you guys think Dobson is our spokesman? Do you intend to condemn us based on what he said? Falwell said that he thought the Christians would support a Mormon. I agree with him.

  4. James Dobson is a losser guy who can feels envy of Mr. Mitt Romney and his comment is stupid and ignorant.

  5. Darin, excellent points, thanks!

  6. redhatmandan, I concur, and said as much in my post “Mitt Romney Will Not Win GOP” https://ldspatriot.wordpress.com/2006/03/08/mitt-romney-will-not-win-gop/

    However, I hope to be proved wrong.

    I think as Evangelicals castigate openly Romney for his Mormonism, it will ultimately backfire on them. They and others will see their religious bigotry, and realize it is truly the ugly & disgraceful side of the American body politic, and they will repent.

    OK, call me a dreamer, and my hope may be in vain, but for the moment I think not.

  7. Michele, while Dobson may not be the only spokesman, I think you’d agree he is a major spokesman. What is more, I’m sure you’d agree he has a good idea of the pulse of the religious right.

    My beef with him is his cowardliness for the cause of Christ, bowing to the anti-Mormon Evangelical Christian-right instead of standing up and renouncing bigotry.

    I do believe some Evangelicals are not so blinded by bigotry, but the numbers are relatively small; I estimate no greater than 20%.

    See my post: “Evangelicals for Mitt: Why We Support Mitt”

  8. Carlos, thanks for the comments.

  9. Just a funny thought out of no where, what would happen if it was a race with Mitt Romney or Harry Ried. Shudder! People would actually have to think about the issues and not the religous affiliation of a candidate.

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