9/11: Five Years Later-Gauging Islamist Terrorism

Peter T.R. Brookes draws four new lessons since 9/11:

  • First, we are dealing with a protean enemy.
  • Second, our first line of defense is good, action­able intelligence.
  • Third, international intelligence and law enforcement cooperation is a force multiplier in fighting the transnational threat of terrorism.
  • Fourth, al-Qaeda and its acolytes continue to improve and evolve their operational terrorist tech­niques and tradecraft, including becoming increas­ingly sophisticated in their handiwork.

I especially concur with his findings below:

9/11: Five Years Later-Gauging Islamist Terrorism:

What Should Be Done

Although we have made significant progress in securing the homeland and fighting terrorism over­seas, complacency about the challenge of Islamist terrorism will prove to be deadly, potentially mak­ing the horrors of 9/11 seem minor in comparison. …

… While the foiled U.K. plot was a clear win in the war on terrorism, probably preventing the death of as many-or more than-the number who tragi­cally died on 9/11, equally dangerous to our safety and security at home and abroad is our own com­placency about the safety and security of this great nation against the Islamist terrorist threat.

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