Hamas Will Never Recognize Israel, Says Palestinian PM

Hamas, may all the sanctions crush your will and help induce the Palestinians to give up in their goal of destroying Israel. Being defeated by Israel and the West is the best thing that could happen to the Palestinians.

(4) to urge members of the international community to avoid contact with and refrain from financially supporting the terrorist organization Hamas until it agrees to recognize Israel, renounce violence, disarm, and accept prior agreements, including the Roadmap. S. 2370

Pipes has it exactly right,

We should urge Israel not just to defend itself, but to impress on the Palestinians the hopelessness of their cause. The situation is tragic for all sides today in the Arab-Israeli theater. The Israelis are seeing their people murdered on a regular basis. This is the only modern Western country that is forced to assert its own existence through military force on a regular basis. Ironically, it is the Palestinians who are even more harmed by the war underway. A skilled and dignified people are obstructed from modernizing because they are obsessed with destroying their enemy; their own polity, economy, society and culture are neglected. Only when they give that up can they prosper and achieve great things. At this time they suffer from dictatorship, poverty and backwardness. These are the wretched results of their own hideous ambitions. Palestinians must first accept Israel, and then benefits will accrue to all involved. (source)

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International Fellowship of Christians and Jews: Hamas Will Never Recognize Israel, Says Palestinian PM:

Jerusalem, Israel (AHN) – Hamas will never recognize Israel’s right to exist, even in the framework of a comprehensive peace deal, said Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh at a Ramadan feast on Sunday.

Haniyeh was quoted by the AP as telling supporters that Hamas, which swept to power in January’s parliamentary election, will not succumb to pressure for it to “recognize or normalize relations” with the Jewish state.

He also said Hamas has a problem with the 2002 Arab League peace initiative because it offers Israel full recognition and peaceful relations with the Arab world in return for withdrawing completely from the West Bank and Golan Heights.

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