We Are Responsible for the Caliber of Our Government

I agree that a majority of Americans are much less informed than they ought to be, and tend to be disinterested in politics and current events. Yet it is hard to blame them because it takes time and effort to learn about the issues and current events. What is more, today’s political landscape is fraught with extremely venomous & vitriolic partisan criticism.

American Chronicle

The truth is, a majority of Americans know more about the fictitious war against terrorists presented on the FOX television series 24 than they do about the real war against radical Islamist terror groups and the nation states that harbor and support them. The fact that so many Americans don’t recognize the conflict in Iraq as but a battle in the over all war against Islamofascism – a war taking place in Baghdad, Haifa, Beirut, Madrid, Paris, London, Manila, Bali, Kabul, Islamabad and New York, to name but a few places around the globe – stands as proof positive that they haven’t found it important enough to be bothered with seeking out the facts.

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  1. Yet it is hard to blame them because it takes time and effort to learn about the issues and current events.

    That’s one of the weakest excuses I’ve heard yet about Americans and their lack of interest in the world around them. It shows just what Americans are turning into: gluttonous self-interested consumers. If it takes effort, forgettaboutit! And politicians and pundits play into this lack of interest in the details by spewing out spinned talking point-sound bytes meant to sound good on the 6 o’clock news. I’m sure if George Washington were to give a speech today, most Americans would snore. He would be drowned out by the useless, empty noise.

  2. I agree it isn’t much of an excuse, but it is factual.

    Case in point, two colleagues at work had never voted, and both were over 30 yrs old! So, in the run up to the 2004 elections, I provided them with literature and URLs and a voter registration card and much discussion and debate, and both voted for the first time in their lives. One has retained some interest in politics and current events, and the other little to none.

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