Protec answers Steven Jones’ “Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Completely Collapse?”

One of the most important papers debunking Steven Jones et al and 9/11 truth movement.


With all due respect to distinguished scholars and others alike, it matters little whether Alex Jones is drawing parallels to building implosions, Steven Jones is drawing conclusions from hot metal or Chuck Jones is drawing dynamite in the hands of Wile E. Coyote; for assertions to be credible they must eventually comply with the scientific principles for explosive initiation and of structural failure, realistic judgments of probability, and indisputable visual evidence.

Thus far, every assertion we have investigated scores a resounding 0 for 3.

Our team welcomes the opportunity to review additional data as it becomes available. However barring any additional evidence, those making allegations similar to the points above may do will to consider that sometimes “asking tough questions” isn’t the biggest challenge; It’s accepting the answer and decisively moving on to other areas that render their contributions productive and valuable. …[Read more]

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9/11 conspiratorialist Steven Jones on paid leave from BYU

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  1. You should talk to Annette Partida, a 30-something student at CSUMB. She’s emailing every BYU publication to say she’s disgusted by all of us for putting Steve Jones on academic leave.

    she seems to miss the fact most of us simply don’t believe him.

  2. LDSPatriot,

    I have a question… why do you spend so much of your blogging hours writing about Islam? Or should I say confronting Muslims. I understand that the blogs tagline is

    “Engagement and discussion of news, politics & LDS (Mormon) apologetics.”

    But perhaps you could spend some time on another headline? I’m busting your chops a little but it is something that I noticed and frankly you seem a bit obsessed… could you tell us exactly why you write about Islam more than you do Mormonism?


  3. Most of who don’t believe Steven Jones? And Why? I’d appreciate knowing any speicific points you disagree with Dr. Jones on. And what are your credentials Ms. Cornett? Do you have any experience in physics? If you really want to know why the governemnt’s official conspiracy theory can’t be believed go to this link:

    If, as I suspect, you just want your naive and baseless OPINIONS validated, just ignore this comment.

  4. Check out this analysis of the farce you call evidence above:

  5. Annette Partida

    [I, LDS Patriot, e-mailed Annette Partida…this is her response…e-mail trail to follow]

    This is what I wanted. A dialogue. Because if what Steven Jones is empirically insufficient with his work, he is still right with his claim.

    The burden of proof and the Bush administration and The 9-11 Commission failed to answer the prima facie case for the claim that the Bush administration was itself responsible for 9-11.

    There are ample evidence, outside BYU, to cement this claim solid.

    It is an absolute travesty and possibly the demise of the human race. And the evil actions this country’s citizens allow to be permissible and forgivable were catalyzed that day.

    Your school and Jesus blinded “Patriots” fail to acknowledge one thing:

    People are capable of denial. People are capable of being wrong. People are capable of lying, great evils, mass genocide, and creating self-serving capitalistic regimes.

    This is the one time, in all of human history, where the intelligence and the reality of imperialistic empire America intersect. And for a small window of time, We have a chance to do something about it.

    Bush claims the democratic instillation of government that will provide order in such orderless countries. May I remind you, America itself is suffering the loss of democracy. The 2000 election appeared to be influenced by the fact Florida’s governor was the future president’s brother.

    Black people in Katrina were abandoned to die dehydrated and in their own feces. America wants to give democracy to Iraq? How about we give it to ourselves first.

    Bush’s version of democracy is a WalMart and McDonald’s in every corner of the world.

    Have humanity claiming hypocrites remember there are more than a half a million dead souls because of this.

    Adolf Hitler, at a time, reached murder at such numbers. And proceeded to kill 5 and a half million more.

    How many more bodies have to hit the ground, how many more lives have to be destroyed, before the people that had the chance to expose this “half baked farce” to the world, for the possible preservation of it, allow their faith override their ignorance?

    You tell me my friend.

    You tell me.

    Here is the email I sent:

    Good morning fellow LDS brothers and sisters,

    I would like to start this email by saying my words come from the deepest love a fellow human being can offer another. And it was through the teachings of everything I have learned, that I come to you today electronically.
    My name is Annette and I currently am a student at California State University Monterey Bay. As one of my projects in my cooperative argumentation class, I was asked to research a topic that was controversial.

    I chose to write about the thermite found in the Twin Towers.

    As I started digging through scientific research, I came across an article. It stated that Steven Jones had been “banned by university authorities” from teaching a physics class he has taught for 21 years.

    Now, this is where I speak out for all that is decent in the heart God gave me:

    Steven E. Jones is a bravest soul I have known in this lifetime. He spoke about what many of us are too cowardly to say. His scientific honor and honesty might have changed the course of the world. Our beloved country and world is falling about. And the academic suspension of a physics teacher is counter progressive. You shoved the only beacon of light back into a black abyss. He did right and you punished him.

    What will you say to God when he asks you, “Why didn’t you help you brother?”

    What will you regret, when this world heads into a nuclear Holocaust?

    All that has happened globally, and down to the community you live in, started on that day. September 11th, pushed us into a peril of evil and murder. The United States of America is a monster. Feeding off people to line their profiteering pockets. And those political power players are destroying the foundation of families and peace. Murdering somebody else’s child is not a road to peace my friends.

    I am saddened and sickened by the hypocrisy BYU has displayed. You call yourself the followers of the true doctrine. You claim the care and interdependency of family and community is the most important value to have as followers of Christ, but your Judas like characters paint you otherwise.

    I am betrayed by all of you. And you betray God. The murder of 650,000 has not shocked you to the core. But the airing of a statement did? Where is the intelligence the Lord has granted you? Where is the goodness of your hearts when it is needed the most?

    The one place that had any credibility to do anything and possibly change the guilty charge of humanity, are the very people that base their academic institution from the faith and love of God, has failed.

    The blood of more than half a million murdered souls and of every human on this planet is on your hands, Jesus forgive you for knowing the truth and not doing anything when you had the chance.

    But no deed goes unseen. No backed turned to God’s child goes unknown.

    God knows what I would give to make the evil of the world fall, but I am powerless. The choice and power is yours. You have the opportunity to do something amazing and Christlike for the world, and you stupidly throw it away…

    Disgusted by all of you,
    Annette Partida
    – Show quoted text –

    On 10/22/06, LDS Patriot wrote:

    Annette, a person commented on my blog, LDS Patriot, that an Annette Partida, is “emailing every BYU publication to say she’s disgusted by all of us for putting Steven Jones on academic leave.” Are you that same Annette? If you are, could you please count me in on your mailing list.

    Comment on my blog: You should talk to Annette Partida, a 30-something student at CSUMB. She’s emailing every BYU publication to say she’s disgusted by all of us for putting Steve Jones on academic leave.

    she seems to miss the fact most of us simply don’t believe him.

    LDS Patriot

    Annette Partida

  6. My second e-mail to Annette Partida:

    Annette, thanks for your response. Did you know Dr. Jones “retired” from BYU on Oct 20?

    Work with me for a moment…suppose…for a minute…that the official story is the real story…in that light…how would you feel about Jones work that blames the wrong people for this horrific event…the false witness…the false accusations…IFF (if and only if the official story is correct) then would you concur with my assessments:

    Dr. Steven Jones is a professor of flapdoodle.

    It’s a travesty that 9/11 Conspiracies have gotten any traction at all.

    To actively promote this ugly & insidious disinformation is shameful.

    Such outlandish conspiratorial accusations proffered by the 9/11 Conspiracy crowd ought to be vehemently repudiated for the rubbish that it is.

    To believe and promote such lies dishonors those who died at the hands of the murderers who were guilty of such cold-blooded barbarity and heinous crimes against humanity.

    Naive and demonstrative of a lack of sophistication and critical judgment are the 9/11 Conspiratorialists. They operated in a data free environment, eager to replace & dismiss facts with specious theories devoid of substance.

    I’ll elucidate the thoughts behind it.

    Jones wrote near the end of the article. “The case for accusing ill-trained Muslims of causing all the destruction on 9-11-01 is far from compelling. It just does not add up.”

    Dr. Jones is a terror-denier. He has accused Americans in the US Govt. to be the culprit and cause of 9/11. To be short, he has made a false witness against Americans in the US Govt., i.e., shameless breaking the 9th commandment.

    Dr. Jones work insults all the immediate (those who died) victims of 9/11, their family and friends, and the rest of the US and the world in general.

    Dr. Jones work promotes that Americans in the US Govt. are the enemy, not Jihadists.

    Dr. Jones work promotes confusion and dissension and division when it should be a time of unity.

    Dr. Jones work puts the blame on the wrong group, thus making the innocent guilty and the guilty innocent; i.e., thus victimizing the victims again by denying the guilty party, and insults the vital need for justice by holding accountable the guilty party; blaming America, exonerating Jihadists.

    Dr. Jones work is a waste of precious time and effort. Those that buy into the “inside job” theory would have little motive to learn about militant Islam and the Jihadists who are the real culprits of 9/11. Thus, the real threat, the true enemy, is not understood, and such ignorance leaves us vulnerable to further attacks. We need the moral and intellectual clarity and courage to define and defeat the real enemy, not a fictitious enemy; to know thy enemy is crucial to defeating ones enemy.

    Militant Islam is the enemy; not Bush, not the Bush Administration, not the U.S. military, not the U.S. Congress, or any other bogus trumped-up enemy.

    Militant Islam is a secret combination, not Bush, not the Bush Administration, not the U.S. military, not the U.S. Congress, or any other bogus trumped-up enemy.

    Militant Islam is the modern-day Gadianton Robbers, not Bush, not the Bush Administration, not the U.S. military, not the U.S. Congress, or any other bogus trumped-up enemy.

    Militant Islam is the greatest threat to American and world peace, not Bush, not the Bush Administration, not the U.S. military, not the U.S. Congress, or any other bogus trumped-up enemy.

    Militant Islam is responsible for 9/11, not Bush, not the Bush Administration, not the U.S. military, not the U.S. Congress, or any other bogus trumped-up enemy.

  7. Annette Partida response to the above e-mail:

    No surprise One Man could not bring down the entire U.S. Government.

    You assume the people running this country are decent humans. I’m sure the people that believed they were supreme to Jews during Hitler’s dictatorship felt the same way. At one time, the German people supported Hitler.



    I suppose the official story could be correct.

    I suppose it could be a lie too.

    My question to those that disbelieve:

    Is it possible to deceive oneself of the truth? Is it possible to believe lies? No one likes to look in the mirror and see a murderer. Or a pacifist that allows murder behind the glory of the red, white, and blue.

    I Too Love This Country. I Too Love All People.

    I grew up a wealthy Greek girl in San Francisco. My parents own a bakery and I worked there every Saturday. When I turned 18, I married my 26 year old Irish husband and converted to Mormonism. He is now the bishop of our ward and I have 2 sons. I named my first son Joseph, after the prophet. And I more than anyone have felt the loss and emptiness terrorism brings. He died in Tower II on September 11th.

    In fact, the last paragraph is a lie. All of it. But easily upon reading them, it is easy to believe on a first unchallenged hand. So is the official 9-11 story. Believable on the first unchallenged hand.

    There is a book out called The New Pearl Harbor. The authors of the book challenge over 115 distortions put forth by the The 9-11 commissions report.

    And the rhetoric that you used, is deep rooted in hate and revenge. So is the entire rhetoric of this country.

    All I seek is understanding.

    All I seek is truth.

    Not vengeance.

    But vengeance is not a ridiculously misplaced feeling. Many people violently and without just cause died that day. And are dying still because of it. I say, whomever is guilty should be treated accordingly. This country has a undeniable history of racist actions: blacks during slavery, the Chinese during the construction of the railroads, the Japanese Internment Prisons, the current occupation and genocidal acts in the Middle East, and the violence attached to an ethnic group of Mexicans being hunted in the desert.

    Maybe you’re a white person of privilege and have never had to bleed for being otherwise. But the reality is -people are bleeding. And we are funding the way despite our diverging ideas.

    I assure you. These are not half-developed concocted ideas.

    Horrors that shoot pregnant women and torture old men are happening now at the merciless hands of Americans.

    I am able to admit my possibility of being wrong.

    Are you?

    And in my case, being wrong means I’ve challenged to hold those in charge responsible.

    In your case, along with the majority of America, being wrong means the demise of the very principals we held dearest to us: life, liberty, and above all our Human Rights on all lands. Not to mention the possible last war that will ever be fought.

    Again, killing other people’s children is not the road to peace my friend.

  8. Militant Islam cannot be a secret combination. First, a secret combination must arise within and try to overthrow the government of a country. Militant Islam cannot be a secret combination since it is an alien agressor. Second, Militant Islam, although often secret in mode of operation, is not secretive about their intentions. If we are to believe our government, it was known who committed 9/11 within 2 hours of tower 2 falling (not very secretive eh?).

    The secret combinations we are warned about in the Book of Mormon that are destroying our way of life right now come from within our governement, not without. Germany was not destroyed by another nation, they were destroyed by the tyranny of Hitler. Rome fell due to internal strife, not external. Bush and his administration are destroying our Constitution, one corrupted law at a time, yet so many are blind to this.

    We have used 100’s of tons of internationally-illegal, Depleted Uranium munitions in our assault on Iraq. DU has a half life of 4.5 billion years. Most of those who have died in Iraq are not terrorists but innocent civilians. We have turned the doctrine of an eye for an eye on its head. For 3,000 American deaths we have killed 600,000 Iraqis and it still continues. As Americans we are bloodthirsty and you are not immune from this bloodlust ,LDS Patriot. Those who continue to support this war are either extremely naive or terribly wicked.

  9. Italian debunker here:

    Good comment of video steven jones, and fake use of image asteroids.
    And very important analisys of WTC7 with image of damage front buildint (Bent Propeller post)

    good bye

  10. It would seem that my posts would be relevant to this discussion:

    P.S. I checked out the Italian site listed above and it’s really good. He’s got photos of WTC 7 I haven’t seen before! In case you don’t read Italian, just go to and enter the URL above into it, select “Italian to English” and it will translate the page itself along with any link you follow from that page. Good stuff.

  11. I enjoy all of you analysis of WTC 7. You and your fellow stormtroopers have gone to great lengths to try and persuade people that a 47 story building will collapse in under 8 seconds , neatly into it’s own foorprint, due to isolated fires. Well done. Although I think you time might be better spent on other topics, as the people on this site will believe just about anything the government tells them. Scratch that… they will believe anything.

  12. Actually, it’s the firefighters who were standing there who are trying to convince you that WTC 7 collapsed because of massive damage and fires. Go argue with them. I have talked to them and they’re furious at people who hold your viewpoint because it disgraces their brothers who died that day.

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