Muslims for Bush has become Muslims for America

Muslims for Bush has become Muslims for America

Muslims For Bush was founded in the summer of 2004, by mother and son Seeme Gull Hasan and Muhammad Ali Hasan. We founded Muslims For Bush because we love President Bush and believe that he is the key to bringing about great peace all over this great world.

In studying President Bush’s biggest decisions and arguments, it became very clear that no other world leader is willing to protect the innocent and fight the villains in order to create a world that will forever benefit from peace. Many leaders will fight for the innocent, but few will go after the villains. And it seems that none have the patience to create sustaining world peace.

Our greatest goal was to spread this message, not just in America, but all over the world. We wanted our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan to know that their work is forever appreciated by America’s Muslims. We wanted the world to know that many Muslims, here in America, celebrate President Bush as a hero. And most importantly, we wanted to spread this message to our fellow Americans, both Muslim and non-Muslim, in getting as many people to the polls as possible. …[Read more]

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