Take the Pledge and Pass it On: I Vote Values

Take the Pledge and Pass it On: I Vote Values

We understand that our link on our “I Vote Values Pledge” did not work for some of you. Here is your opportunity to sign the pledge if you couldn’t link from yesterday’s send by clicking below.

Please pass this email on to all of your friends. Let’s start an uproar!

Do Moral Values Matter on Election Day? You Bet They Do!

The mainstream media is predicting low voter turnout among social conservatives in this midterm election. They are telling us that what matters is only the war in Iraq, the war on terror, immigration and the squeeze in our pocketbooks. We care about all of these things. But in our hearts what matters most is the future of home and family, the well-being of our children, the meaning of marriage and our religious freedom. Nothing equals are concern about the erosion of this bedrock foundation in our nation and nothing will have greater impact on our future.

Let’s tell members of the media and leaders of the Democrat and Republican parties that the Value Voters Do Exist and will be out in force on Election Day.

Take Action:
Sign the Pledge

I Vote Values Pledge

On election day, I will vote for candidates and issues that support marriage, family and religious freedom-knowing that each of these foundations of a healthy society are in jeopardy. In these tumultuous times, I will stand for the future and importance of traditional marriage. I will stand for the sanctity of life. I will stand for the free expression of religion and not watch idly while it is trampled and marginalized.

I know that my voice and vote matter in shaping the world our children will inherit and I accept that responsibility. I will cast an educated vote on election day. Because I know that the freedom of a nation hinges on its morality, I will support candidates who will take a stand for America’s traditional values.

I am a voter who cares about values-and I am not going away.

Click here to sign the petition.

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  1. Nationally,80 percent of our votes this election will be cast on electronic voting machines, which can and have been easily hacked. The advantage of our older paper ballots was that they made it harder to manipulate elections. Since electronic voting machines became popular there has been a notable disparity between the results of post election polls and election results. This phenomenon was not as common when we used paper ballots, but it happened occasionally.

    Now elections can be stolen right under our noses and with no paper trail. See this article for a discussion of the situation:

    I’ve told quite a few people about the situation and the most common response is genuine disbelief, followed by either an attempt to change the subject or to say that it really can’t matter that much.

    Imagine how great it would be to be a ruler in a country where people thought they were affecting things by their votes, but they really weren’t. Elected officials could do whatever they want, with impunity, because they could always get re-elected. Wait, that sounds like the situation now!

    Both parties have set things up so that they are favored over all other interests, that’s why third party movements have such a hard time getting started. That’s why we have about a 98% incumbency rate in congress. It is easy for me to vote for moral candidates and moral issues this election day, but a lot harder for me to believe my votes are actually going where I put them. I still think most Americans are basically moral, but I’ve stopped being naive enough to believe that our government is basically moral, or that they are even the government most Americans have voted for.

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