NBC poll: Mitt Romney for Pres? Vote NOW

Poll question: Would you vote for a Mormon for president?

Vote now: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/15936002/

Let your voice be heard.

Vote now:http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/15936002/

Video: Mormon in the White House? Nov. 27: While Barack Obama may have to overcome his race to become president, intriguing potential Republican candidate Mitt Romney may have to overcome his religion. MSNBC’s Tucker Carlson discusses with Michael Graham, host of “The Natural Truth” radio show in Boston. http://video.msn.com/v/us/msnbc.htm?g=2466b4a4-f728-4f4f-8185-ad856ddc666b&f=00&fg=email

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  1. Mormon or not Mitt Romney is no conservative. Just look what he’s done in Mass. Mitt is a RINO plain and simple. http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=11129

    He’s pro choice, pro gay rights, and his health care plan in Mass is typical big government.

    This one Mormon not voting for or supporting Mitt.

  2. Please add my link supporting Mitt Romney for President to your link directory. http://www.votemittromney.us

  3. I certainly would vote for a Mormon for president, but only for a Mormon who supports the constitution. Mitt Romney supports some gun control, which is unconstitutional, he supports national healthcare which is socialist, and he supported state sponsored gambling in Massachusetts which is immoral. As governor he supported a woman’s right to abortion.

    He now has a solid financial connection to the Bush family. Which means he will probably be selected to run:

    “But it is perhaps the underlying movement that one has to examine to determine if Romney is the soon-to-be nemesis of the Democrats. One needs look no further than Dunkin’ Donuts. It is rumored that the recent $2.45 billion acquisition of Dunkin’ Donuts by Bain Capital and the Carlyle Group is a quiet marriage made between the Bush and Romney Families. Until recently, Bain Capital was run by Romney and it is widely speculated that the Bush family has a substantial role in the Carlyle Group.”

    source here: http://beehivestandardweekly.com/articles/3/1/Did-George-Bush-Sr.-and-Romney-Buy-Dunkin&%2339%3B-Donuts%3F-
    He’s a Mormon, but I have no doubt that he will be the same Republicrat we’ve had in office for 3 presidencies now.

  4. He’s still better than a mormon who supports the enemy in a time of war.

  5. Disagreement with the powers in control is not supporting the enemy. If I supported militant Islam I would say so. Blind faith and dogmatic belief is not patriotism. If we lived in Nazi Germany you would support the Fuhrer no matter what and no matter who he chose to attack. You are an enemy to the constitutional principles that our nation began with. Keep up with your rants, Aaron, maybe someone will believe. At this point, though, you are truly in the minority.

  6. I have a problem with his views on abortion. I don’t like his views on gun control but no one is perfect, however, his views on abortion might be the deal breaker. He seams to have flip-flopped on the abortion issue. As president, we would expect him to enforce ALL the laws of the land, even those he might not like. As a conservative I expect him to oppose abortion under most circumstances.
    I like the fact that he is LDS but I would rather have a conservative than a Mormon in the Whitehouse (they should be the same). Goodness knows I’ll never vote for Harry Reid. If you don’t agree and support the positions your church/religion professes to be divinely inspired then are you really a follower of that religion? Politics is a dirty world and it is a rare person who comes out of it unscathed. I understand the need for compromises in governing but not in personal beliefs. Of the possible candidates out there now I still lean toward Romney but I have some doubts.

  7. I’m not the one who felt compelled to lie and declare “special rules for thee but none for me”, Micheal.

  8. Aaron,

    Oh, observant one, learn to spell. My name has always been MICHAEL. As a matter of fact, that is the way most of the world spells that name. By the way, I don’t consider the rules of logic to be special rules. It is becoming more and more obvious to me, Aaron, just how special you are. A very special person indeed.
    I also wanted to mention, Aaron, that your whining is getting to be ridiculous. You have repeatedly used fake Islamic slurs against me, yet have the nerve to whine because I demand that you use the rules of logic when arguing. I hope that you are just very young and don’t know yet how things work in the world. By the time most people get to be about 35 they understand that everone who believes and thinks differently than they do is not evil incarnate. God gave us minds and amazingly enough, we don’t all have the same opinions.
    Like a dog to his own vomit, you buy the garbage spewed out by Bush’s war machine. Lies like “If you aren’t with us, you’re an Islamic terrorist.” I can understand why so many Americans who only get news from mainstream corporate media outIets could believe such tripe, but you have internet access and can read and write. You really don’t have much excuse for your ignorance. Try going off the beaten track, check out some alternative media outlets, you just might find your views broadened.

    I served my country proudly as an Army soldier and I love the United States and I love the Constitution. I am in no way affiliated with Islam, but I despise what our current president has done to our Constitution. It’s fairly easy to find our the damage Bush has inflicted upon our freedoms, but you have to want to find out. It comes down to a choice: will you take the red pill or the blue pill. Here’s an excerpt from an interesting essay on the idea:

    “Why is the choice between what you believe you know and an unknown ‘real’ truth so fascinating? How could a choice possibly be made? On the one hand everyone you love and everything that you have built you life upon. One the other the promise only of truth.
    The question then is not about pills, but what they stand for in these circumstances. The question is asking us whether reality, truth, is worth pursuing. The blue pill will leave us as we are, in a life consisting of habit, of things we believe we know. We are comfortable, we do not need truth to live. The blue pill symbolises commuting to work every day, or brushing your teeth.
    The red pill is an unknown quantity. We are told that it can help us to find the truth. We don’t know what that truth is, or even that the pill will help us to find it. The red pill symbolises risk, doubt and questioning. In order to answer the question, you can gamble your whole life and world on a reality you have never experienced.
    However, in order to investigate which course of action to take we need to investigate why the choice is faced. Why should we even have to decide whether to pursue truth?”

    Source: http://www.arrod.co.uk/essays/matrix.php

    Like so many, Aaron, you choose the blue pill because it is comforting and easier. It’s ok. I understand. I simply refuse to believe that the garbage I’m sold by the government and by the corporate media is reality. Anyway, enough said. You can get back to your relentless pursuit of mediocrity now.

  9. michael, ThankYouVeryMuch for your service to our country. I’d love to learn more about that; when you served, where you served, what unit, why… … …

    Second, Aaron H. is entitled to his opinion, even if it is one you happen to disagree with.

    Third, while both you and I are lovers of logic and sound arguments, we both can improve. Case in point, your common logical fallacies are: association fallacy, ad hominem, appeal to probability, argumentum ad populum, false premise, historian’s fallacy, negative proof, sophism.

    michael & Aaron H. – question – would you speak as disrespectfully to each other in Priesthood class as you do on a blog?

  10. Bush is an awesome example of Christian leadership, right?

    Checek this out: http://www.yourchristianpresident.com/

  11. Patriot – Micheal blatantly lies, engages in double standards and makes false accusations against those who wear the uniforms of the United States and Canada that they violated thier oaths of service and murdered those they swore to protect. By themselves these would be damnable offenses, however he is also advocating the enemies position against his country in a time of war. His actions not only meet the dictionary definition of treason, but I have also spoken with a US military officer and he has confirmed to me that any servicemen caught spreading 9-11 “truth” materials in the field could face an array of consequences from mere “career suicide” up to a possible death penalty.

    A chapel or stake center consecrated to the service of God would be the last place such behavior should be tolerated.

  12. Hey Aaron,

    Please quote me. Exactly where did I say servicemen viloated their oaths of service? Exactly where did I say they murdered those they swore to protect. If our government was guilty of causing 9/11 then they probably used foreign accompolices as has been done at other times.

    Read up about the 1993 WTC bombing. A bunch of Arabs was used in a plot to bomb the WTC, but one of the patsies was smart enough to record hours of phone conversations between him and his FBI handler. This particular person, Emad A. Salem, was told it was a sting operation by the FBI, but became alarmed when the FBI supplied real explosives instead of harmless powder. Of course the FBI denied any foreknowledge. Read about it in the New York Times Oct. 28, 1993, secton A,Page 1.

    The 1993 WTC bombing is a prime example of a false flag terrorist attack. Why would our government use U.S. soldiers for a false flag terrorist attack? If they are smart they wouldn’t, not when there are countless foreign operatives that can be used and blamed if need be. Occasionally we use our own guys, like in the Oklahoma City bombing.

    Have you seen the articles that have just come out about Timothy McVeigh being filmed working at a U.S. Army base nearly 2 years after he was supposedly honorably discharged. Have you seen the original new reports the day the Murrah building was bombed that state that the ATF found multiple sophisticated bombs in the building that hadn’t gone off. Somehow that was dropped out of the later official story. Somehow our governemnt failed to investigate the many links to Iraq that were found after the bombing. See this link for the real story:

    So, Aaron, your argument is a straw man argument. I never claimed our soldiers violated their oaths of office or killed U.S. citizens. I simply claim that much of the evidence I’ve seen tells me that 9/11 was a false flag attack. And you don’t have to worry, I’m not on active duty so I won’t get in trouble for pamphleteering U.S. servicemen.

    I would appreciate if the next time I have to respond to you, it would somehow be related to something I’ve actually said.

  13. OK. Enough is enough. I doubt that you will even see this but here it goes:

    First, Michael, if I were so inclined to point out misspelled words, I would double check my own work. I’m talking about the ELEVEN noticeable grammatical errors in your work (seven of which happen to be misspelled words).

    Second, your beloved site, http://www.yourchristianpresident.com/, is about as credible as an opinion poll.
    *aka not credible* This is because the site is merely speculation. It was created by someone or some team that was putting out anti-Bush information. However, it wasn’t put out by the government or by the corporate media so it must be true! Whoever made it didn’t think to try and make it even somewhat reliable by putting in a Works Cited page/link or even giving the name of the primary author or editor. But then again, why put down information that would disprove your argument, right?

    Third, on your whole red vs. blue pill thing. What you took and presented as fact happens to be from an essay. Webster’s Dictionary defines an essay as “an analytic or interpretative literary composition usually dealing with its subject from a limited or personal point of view.” Basically, what someone feels about something.

    Fourth, not everything written in a newspaper or magazine happens to be tangible fact. This is where yellow journalism plays a rather large role. People won’t buy what they don’t want to hear. It’s more important that the company thrives than for those reading it to get real facts anyways. Wait! I’m not saying that all information presented to the public in them is false. I’m merely saying it’s easy to have confirmation bias when trying to prove one’s point.

    Fifth, this “message board” was not meant to be used as a battle of wits but merely for the expression of opinions. Regardless of how different one thinks from you, you still have to respect their opinion and treat them with the appropriate decency. What it comes down to is that we are all children of a loving Father in Heaven. None of us are perfect, so you can’t expect perfection. Pride is a great destroyer. Do not let it destroy your world as it has so many before us and many more to come.

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