Introducing Robert Cronk

I’m proud to announce Robert Cronk as a new author on LDS Patriot. Welcome, Robert! 

Robert is a software engineer from Utah who loves programming computers (for the last 28 years), playing volleyball and practicing martial arts (both for the last 8 years), creating techno music (, raising his family, and researching random events such as 9/11.

He uses the basic logic skills he has learned throughout his years of programming to search through sets of information and sift out the truth and error in an objective and unbiased way.  He feels strongly that people need to walk in each other’s shoes and find common ground in order for a constructive discussion to occur. 

His motivation in publishing the information he has found is to put an objective, unbiased point of view out there that is not tied to a theory but to the evidence itself regardless of the theory it supports and regardless of the consequences of a particular theory being true or false. 

In his research, he has found very few voices out there that are not heavily vested in a theory being true and he thinks people deserve to hear an objective voice.  When people adhere strongly to a theory, they end up twisting and filtering evidence to match that theory and that path rarely leads to the truth.  He is open to all current theories about 9/11 and is also open to all current theories being false.

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  1. Betty Laswick

    Do you have information you would choose to share about the family of George Cronk and Arville Nelson of Deseronto, Ontario, Canada

  2. Unfortunately I don’t know anything about the family you mentioned. If they lived long ago, I could see if I’m related though.

  3. Sorry, but colleague, you are sure?

  4. Cronk music rocks, if you haven’t given it a listen yet, you can find the entire collection of rcronks songs at
    I’m a huge fan.

  5. @PreobrajenskySuka2 – I don’t understand what you’re saying. Please elaborate.

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